Attack of the Killer Mutant Bingo Wings Added to Retro Arcade


Buzzard Games’ very unique and fun Attack of the Killer Mutant Bingo Wings has been added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade.   This game looks as feels like an early Atari ST or Amiga game and features some very compelling game play. The goal is to PLAY BINGO as you blast enemy ships and ordinance.   It also features music from the 8bitrocket Royalty Free music clip library.


In Gareth Taft’s own words:

Defend Earth from the Bingonian invaders!


Shoot Bingonians to release Bingo Balls
Collect Bingo Balls to add to your Accumulator and set the Timer running
Whilst the Timer is running, collect more Bingo Balls to add to your Accumulator
Shoot Bingo Balls to reduce their value or destroy them

Let the Timer run out to cross a number off your Bingo Card
Complete your Bingo Card to advance to the next level
Complete lines and corners on your Bingo Card to release Cash Bonus Balls
Collect Cash Bonus Balls to buy ship upgrades between levels


Bingonians and Bingo Balls that escape the screen add to the Bingonian Accumulator
Game over when the Bingonian Bingo Card is complete
Avoid Bingonians and Bingonian Bombs
Game Over when your shields run out

The story so far…

The Earth is a noisy planet. For decades a vast array of signals have been carelessly spreading from our world into the ether. We’re about to find out that other worlds are listening…and in a terrible coincidence one planet has taken offence at the liberties being taken with it’s deities.

The denizens of Bingonia have for centuries worshipped their many and varied Gods; Kelly’s Eye, One Little Duck and Snakes Alive amongst others. So when the systems monitoring the skies of Bingonia began picking up signals from a small world at the outer reaches of the galaxy, indicating that the intricate numerology behind the Bingonian beliefs were being used as the basis for a form of primitive gambling, there was only one course of action available; the Bingonians dispatched their elite fighting force, the Bingo Wings, to destroy the Earth – and now only you stand in the Bingonians way!

Destroy the Bingo Wings, collect the Bingo Balls of Doom and break the code to destroy the Bingonian battleships!


8bitrocket take:
This unique shooter reminds me of Plutos (Atari ST, Amiga, Atari 7800 Prototype). The game looks simple, but it is actually a very challenging and fun blaster based on BINGO of all things. The sounds and animation are classic early 16 bit and the music is an 8bitrocket original classic =)

Play it NOW!

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