Flash indie game interweb-mash-up : May 19, 2009

Flash indie game interweb-mash-up : May 19, 2009

It’s been quite a few days  since I last mashed-up the
infobaun looking for Flash game development related blogs, scribbles,
games, articles, and assorted thing-a-ma-whose-its to entertain myself,
and hopefully others, but mainly me. There was a whole lot of shaking
going on under the earth here yesterday as a 5.0 earth quaking temblor was basically centered
under our house and we continue to feel little ones constantly as after
shocks. That’s why it costs so must to live here I guess. It’s like
buying an E-Ticket perpetual life time pass.
  Also, I tried to make this a BIG ONE mash-up (possibly to
scare off the big one earthquake). Karma’s a bitch sometimes. Yeah, I’m
talking to you, Mr. Newport to Inglewood Fault!

Not a HUGE number of updates from our good friends over at
gamingyourway, but quality none the less. They have begun to finally
showcase and host some of their own classic and award winning Flash
Games: Check out Chimbo’s Quest, a unique take on
Donkey Kong and Frogger (sort of).  Also, the latest
build of X++
is very impressive to say the least.
 Squize also pointed me in the direction of this incredible Flash
Debugging tool
. (also pointed out by Helmsman on Flashkit
along with a tutorial video by Lee

Rich continues to update the impressive sales and marketing campaign
for his wonderful Kyobi.   Look for an interview with Rich on
this game and his retro gaming roots soon to appear
on this site.

Mark G has been very busy updating his blog lately. His own Mash up from a few weeks
back was excellent.  His postmortem on trying to implement a
CMS driven site in Flash Player 9 (using HTML and CSS for text)
is a must read for those who are about to embark on such a nightmare
journey.  Also, his employer, The Basement, has been given ink as being a big time
quality player
. If you are looking for a full service agency,
you can do much worse. They even do broadcast commercials.

The Lawrie Cape Blog
Lewrie’s blog is new to this mash-up, but has a lot to offer – lots of
free code and nice unique tutorials: Eraser Text Effect, The Amazing Map Function – based
on Joel Gillman’s Map Function, Lawrie demonstrates how to make good
use of the magic.  He also has a retrospective on his popular Super
Letter Game
and has some nice code examples for you to take a
look at.

Freelance Flash Games
Wow does he update this site often! The latest is a interesting interview with Andy Moore.
Calling himself, a “Social Engineer”, Andy’s job is to manage the
community for the awesome Fantastic Contraption game. (Kevin Mitnik was
a social engineer too…).
 If you don’t have a web site dedicated to your own games (or
even if you do), his 5 reasons to have one will
either encourage you to do so, or prompt you to pat yourself on the
back and have a cold one (either way, you win). He also has a nice
piece on concentrating your game development time
in the right place
, plus lots more.

The Italian Geek (self
proclaimed. I think he is a pretty cool dude, but you didn’t ask)

What can I say, but Emanuele always is on top of his game. Here is a
summary of just some of his latest:

How Box2d handles boundaries

Understanding the Papervision Plane Object
Papervision 3D for Absolute Beginners
Where to start when making a new game

This is a great site. It hasn’t been updated in a while, but it
contains a wealth of great code examples. I used this one last week.  Take
a look and if you use his magic, be sure to thank him.

Urbansquall has a couple new treats to excite the knowledge taste buds
in your Flash palate (note: metaphors taken too far with no real place
to go): Effective Problem Solving through Showering
(which is much more serious than it sounds) and Best Practices with Version Control
(very well thought out).

Michael James Williams
Michael covers some thought provoking ground with advice to forum newbies on how to ask
. He also has a tutorial on adding the Kongregate API to your games,
as well as some hints on applying the Pythagorean theorem to find the distance
between two points

Here at 8bitrocket Towers
– I found a strange
list of the top 10 selling consumer items
and Gamestorm them
to death.
Wiiware will support Flash Games Soon
– out come the Haters and ill-informed.
of the Killer Mutant Bingo Wars added to our arcade showcase

– Cat penis or not, I
blog about my stalled game

– I added a tutorial on damage mapping (just
updating the pixels that have changed on a blit canvas)
– These guys (here
and here)
have been using our music or code, but gave us credit…

Rabbit Punches:
– Lee Brimlow’s Entry on Flex Builder being renamed Flash Builder;
– 8birocket collaborator, Ace the Super Villain, has created his GameStorm-like game idea builder: Ace Game Storm – Clever it is!

is not longer in Beta. Use them,
they are good.
– A new portal, run by some very nice chaps, has launched: Willinggames.com
– AS Gamer’s How
To Make Death v. Monster’s Style Explosions

– Iain Lobb compares and contrasts extension v.
composition for Sprites and other display objects
– FGF winner, Cargo Bridge is a HELL of a lot of
fun to play.
– Play LongAnimals Drift Runners NOW. I
need to start adding more of Julian’s games to our arcade.  He
was an ST/AMIGA genius back in the good times.
– Pencil Farm’s Plant Pong is retrotastic with a
heavy does of modern genius.

As always check out  www.flashgameblogs.com
for your daily dose…

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