Flash indie game development interweb-mash-up : May 29, 2009

Flash indie game development interweb-mash-up : May 29, 2009

The more often I write these, the shorter they become, but the longer
it takes me to dig up new and interesting stuff. This week I had to
cast a net a little wider than usual.  I did find a little
time to
play more Flash games by other people this week, so let’s start there:

Start By
Highlighting A New Releases that caught my eye…

Smiley’s Lunch Time
is pure genius.
Long Animals’ Heavy Weapon
– One
sweet shooter!
MegaDev’s Block Squad should
a killing! Quality Everywhere!
– Have a little retro Centipede fun with Flashbynite’s

– Tony Pa is the new
master of all things puzzle games
Death v Monsters won a contest
(and my heart). Blast everything.

Rich has been busy thinking up ways to remake MSX and ST games.
He has
had quite a bit of success with this so far, so I’m pretty sure his
next set of games will be very good indeed.  Rich also has
some inspiring art work
from his 8-bit
MSX days when he used to sit around designing games and magazines
(instead of do his Math homework?).   There is some really
cool stuff in there. Rich, when EVERYONE here had an Apple or C64, we
have Atari 800s and STs. We know EXACTLY how you felt as an MSX kid in
a BBC/Speccy/C64 world.


– As always, our Italian geek genius has added mucho content for all
your game dev needs. A couple of my favorites: In our 8-bit theme, he
has posted a Postmortem by Filippo Bodei
on his
C64 remake – Hi Roads (pronounced Trailblazer when it was an Atari
8-bit and C64 game). A tutorial on the very basics of Papervision 3d.
should be reading his site every day (and many of you already are).

James Williams

MJW has been adding a lot of cool new blog entries lately: Move With Mouse, Aim with Keyboard
is a nice tutorial with all the AS3 you will ever need. Michael, if you
are reading this, can I borrow the style sheet CSS you are using for
your code examples? It is the best I have seen! MJW also discusses some nice extensions for the Flash IDE
– Frame to Symbol and Queasy Tools are two very nice tools.

Flash Games

The Freelance Flash Bash
familiar and I like it!  Freelance also has a short discussion
on why your game needs a level editor,
tips on getting more clicks on your
More Games Banners
, as
well as 5 ways to put a More Games banner in
your games.


– Very nice and simple MVC for games
– Atomik Kaos Mechanic Postmortum.
Also, why not try this uniquely addictive game.


– I am still planning to make some custom
free sounds
(last weekend I got
side tracked). If you have a need, I might have an answer.
– I have geeked out on American 8-bit computer
games again
. I feel so dirty.
– My version of Star Castle
is coming along slowly. It’s time for some levels and Minter-like
– Steve went off on Video Ads and Writer’s Block.

ways to skin that

– Lawrie Cape’s sweet visualization
tool experiment

– Icky Dime has a nice entry on Japanese Flash gurus.
Vote for you favorite Flash IDE
Iian Lobb’s Blog. I did, so now Flash Develop if up to 67%!
– You want to make a Flash Game? Lorenz will show you how.
Then you
can submit it back to his site.
– Come2Play has a cool new non-contest, contest.
– Check the other 3 deserving winners of the
Mochi Top of the World Contest
(Death v. Monsters was the big winner – see above).
– Drawlogics Flash 10 AS3 Drawing Optimizations
– Spinxwebdesign on considerations for making a
successful Flash game
– Thinking of making a Pacman style game: The Pacman Dossier
is all the reference you will need!

Off Topic: The best thing I can say about this movie,
is well, this

As always check out  www.flashgameblogs.com
for your daily dose…

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