Flash indie game interweb-mash-up : June 17, 2009

Flash indie game interweb-mash-up : June 17, 2009

I was on vacation last week, so I missed doing one of these (well, I
wouldn’t say I missed it, but I didn’t get a chance to do one). I was
on vacation, so I must have had more time than usual to grind out a
mash-up, right? Not! With a 1 year-old and a 4 year-old happy that
daddy was home from the evil corporate world for a week, I had even
less time than usual to troll your sites, mess with your games, drink
your beer, leer at your women and laugh at your message board posts on
making $1000 a day from Flash games…

Let’s Start By
Highlighting A New Releases that caught my eye…

Play Fruiti Box from Richard
Davey (finally available after a 6 month wait).
is a new 8 v 8 player at a time multiplayer retro-styled action-based death
match! Now, that’s a mouthful, and I was only able to play by myself
because it is in beta and I am probably in the wrong country (the Atari
ST obsession aside). So, do me a favor and EVERYONE play William
new game so I have someone to lose to.  You can create an
account or just play as a guest, but it looks really fun, and was even
a blast just buzzing around in single player mode.
– Steve’s new Palindromes Plus.
Crunchball 3000 RAAAWWWKS!!! This
reminds me of a 16-bitter of old, was it a Bitmap Bros game??
Palisade Guardian is also well
done. Those Vortix
guys are doing well for themselves!
– Lawrie Cape’s Riz-Man puts all other Pacman
games to shame…but its for cigs?  You’ll also need to
“prove” you are older than 18 and in the UK to play.  So, I
had to lie to play. I’m going to jail, aren’t I?

Photon Storm
What does the worlds greatest Atari ST game fan have to say about
info-web games this week? Kyobi, which would have been an instant
16-bit classic, hits MySpace as the first AS3 game
on the Oberon system. Congrats, Rich!  I was going to report
this first, but Rich got to it before I returned from vacation (I’ll
call you scoops Magee from now on):   There is a new AS3
library for playing Amiga MOD files.   You can ready Rich’s post on it here.  

It was created by the great Italian programmer (no not that one), Christian Corti.
The code is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
3.0 Unsupported License and has full support for all the effects up to
protracker 2.3 including Amiga filter on/off (A500 and A1200 versions)
and the Invert Loop effect (plus more). Christian is an Italian, living
in Costa Rica. So, he must have witnessed both the Costa Rica 3-1
mauling of the USA at Saprissa (god knows what they throw from those
stands) and the unfortunate traitor Rossi pantsing the 10 man 
USA for a brace in yesterdays confederation cup battle. Thanks
a lot, Christian =) No, really, thanks, the AS3 mod player is
brilliant.   Christian is looking for help with graphics and
music to remake this C64 gem, so if you want to help,
drop us a line and we’ll put you in contact. It could be a portal

Gaming Your Way

Squize asks why it has taken Adobe so long
to even recognize games are a viable use of their platform. Good
question. Did you realize that there isn’t even a game forum on the
Adobe Flash boards – none. nothing, nada. It’s funny, but as soon as
we started a few Silverlight games articles, Microsoft was interested
in talking to us, and even sponsored a few contests. Adobe could have
done the same, but silence has always been their reply.

Also, nGfx shows off his latest personal
game programming gem
of a project
.   GYW has a very global reach.  The
USA number is high because I made it my mum’s home page and she doesn’t
know how to change it. For a while now she has been talking about this
new game called X++. Actually, I stalk them like crazy.

The Gross One (or the
Icky one). The IckyDime Blog.

The Basement (Mark’s day job), won some much deserved awards.
Especially one for the Surf the Crowds game where you can play as
8bitsteve, the bouncer!  Mark’s article on becoming a Flash/Flex developer
was published in Flash/Flex Developer magazine!  Nice Job,
Mark, I can’t wait to read it. I have my 10% discount card ready for
Barnes and Noble. I knew it would be useful for more than Retro Gamer…

Freelance Flash Games
Here is a list of some of the great new stuff Freelance has to offer:
– His list of game prototypes with code
and tutorials to match.
– Mochiads new Word Play Contest (Steve has
– The list of the Top 7 Flash Game Enemies.
– His own Mash-Up (Freelancer’s Flash bash). He gets
a lot of stuff I miss.
– I especially like his Big List Of Power-Ups!

Game Poetry / Urbansqual
The team has a lot of new stuff on offer. The Play testing article is a must read
– their biggest problem: Expecting people to read! How could they? =)
  Here is a some very sound advice on creating a
game release package. Battalion Arena looks like a fun
ride. When is it available? Or is it, and I missed  the launch?

– His Mochiads Arcade plug-in for Word Press
to be released next Monday.
– Understanding the Papervision Plane Object Parts 1-6.
Rogue-Like Dungeons.
I was a HUGE Rogue fan all of the Atari
machines. Nice call, Emanuele!
A Case History on Hooda Math, a
very successful nice Flash game site.

Micheal James Williams
– Michael created and entire Forum for his avoider
game tutorials
…that’s success, my friends.
– Using the very expensive Flash IDE as a Level Editor and Separating Level Layout From Appearance.
It’s funny, because I have always considered the Flash IDE to be much
less than what it could be. When I can purchase a tool such as Acid or
Music Maker for under $100.00 and it is loaded with music making
features (and can even create a song for me!), why does the Flash IDE
does nearly $800 and just recently added FILTERS!!! For $800, the
fucking thing should shit out beautiful animations for me, much less
let me edit my damn levels for a game.  Sorry for the
off-color language near your name, Michael.

Smash and Grabs (like a
drunk Lakers fan near a shoe store):

– Freeactionscript.com’s Projectile Weapons

– Drawlogic let’s us know that the Blender to AS3 exporter for Papervision
has been updated.
Game Jacket is no more.
– Hilarious (but long) video and song on CPM/CPC and ads of all
. Worth your time!

Off Topic:
kicks ass
! If it wasn’t for the one review it would be the
first movie to have 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. I know, it’s for kids, right? Not really, but my 4 year-old son loved it and so did I. It stars an OLD MAN (older than me). We Star Trek also, and while I thought it was very well done, my wife (who suggested it), thought it was boring. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

As always check out  www.flashgameblogs.com
for your daily dose…

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