Favorite Video / Computer Soccer (Football) game of all time

Favorite Video / Computer Soccer (Football) game of all time

In support of the USA’s remarkable 2-0 win over the vaunted powerful Spanish side in today’s Confederation Cup semifinal, I wanted to up the quiz anti with a poll of sorts.   I have played a number of Soccer (Association Football) games over the years and I wanted to list my 10 favorites in order.  Are your favorites on this list?  If you are an American, Soccer hater, then can just say “Madden is the only Football game that matters”, but I would rather you give an answer to the poll.  Mind you, this is a list of my favorites, not technically the “best”, but the ones I find the most fun to play again and again.

1. Kick Off 2 (ST/Amiga)
2. Kick Off Player Manager (ST/Amiga)
3. New Star Soccer (3 and 4) (PC/MAC)
4. Sensible World of Soccer (ST/Amiga)
5. Fifa (series) (Genesis / PS2)
6. Winning 11 Series (PS2)
7. Microprose Soccer (ST / Amiga)
8. Pele’s Soccer (2600)
9. NASL Soccer (Intellivision)
10. Super Mario Strikers (Nintendo Systems)

Which do you choose? I have surly not played all of the best footie games, so what am I missing?

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