Flash indie game interweb-mash-up : July 3, 2009

Flash indie game interweb-mash-up : July 3, 2009

I was sick this past week (it’s still lingering on), and today
(actually July 4)  is a USA holiday – a couple hundred years
ago some dudes in funky white wigs decided they didn’t want to pay
taxes to an island, I think it was Hawaii, but then again, I went to
public school, and played Atari non-stop, so it could have been the
Falklands. We celebrate this by blowing shit up! So, 
this one will be shorter than usual, but I’ll catch up next time.

Let’s Start By
Highlighting A New Releases that caught my eye…

Push is an awesomely retro, but
very unique in a modern puzzle game way 
Waterwerks is a really really fun,
well made game. I’ll never understand Kong ratings…
is a little like Dig Dug, your kids will enjoy it, I’m
sure (don’t tell them that you played a game like it in 1982 though).
Daemons is a very well polished
graphical adventure. It scared me though…
Maze Roll is also an very nice,
unique puzzle game.

Gaming Your Way

-Squize and
nGfx have been pretty prolific over the last couple weeks. Squize tries to explain how he does OOP
and a big fat discussion breaks out! I have a generalized
GameLoop that is fully object oriented (in the annoying to a lot people
way), but when the Game class is called (it contains the game specific
logic), it passes a reference to itself to the custom classes it uses
(Like Squize does). Why? They will probably never be used by another
game again, because they are custom and specific to that game, that’s
why. Plus, it lets me do a lot of quick and dirty stuff like reference
variables in my Game class directly – did I just hear the Gang of 4
moan out in pain?  Sometimes the Game class will be fully
object oriented, but many times there just isn’t enough time to go the
extra mile. I know, I suck.

Next (actually before in chronological order) nGFX goes all technical
on our asses and explains in great detail how he makes Random Dynamic
Levels (random, repeatable mazes and levels.): Part 1, and Part 2.  This pretty
advanced stuff, but you can put it good use. Check out the demo page for a look at the

– Freelance Flash Games
has a nice entry on the (Flash Game
License created) GamerSafe system.  We are
really excited about the system over here in the 8bitrocket towers.
Micro-transactions aside, we really dig the game save features. We were
just about to build something like it for our games specifically, but
now we don’t have to!

The Art of Debugging

has posted a very nice piece on debugging applications.
My favorite part:
“Believe it or not, Gods aren’t upset with you. There isn’t any virus
in your computer.
‘THEY’ aren’t trying to drive you mad, and leech your brain because
they want to rule the world.” – Go read the whole thing.

Seriously, I

Hughes is this guy
? Not  the FGL Guy, right? Anyway,
I think people might be blowing this TED thing out of proportion. I
don’t know the story, so please someone explain it to me. I have no
idea what went on, but it could have been a misunderstanding, couldn’t
it? I have not seen the video, but Iian seems to have and he points
out a few too many “WE’s” that should have been “THEY’s”.


– Emanuele discusses the Play Crafter (games w/o code)
– Icky tackles that pesky Mac “Mouse Wheel” magic button
(yes Macs have more than one button – 5 to be exact!)
– Freelance Flash Games helps us figure out what a sponsor actually gets out of a
– Jobe Makar has a new book on making multiplayer games, and virtual worlds
to be released in August!
– Michael James Williams tackles
moving with keyboard and aiming with the mouse
– Iian Lobb has a new feed of all Flash Game Blogs
… well NOT all because we are not on there.

8bitrocket Towers
and I both waxed on and waxed off
about the nature software development  in today’s world (lucky
you). Maybe that’s why Iian didn’t add us to his feed.

Off Topic:
– Courtesy of Mike Grundvig, this gun fooking shoots marsh mallows!

– Rich Davey helped me put this this Atari ST article together.
Landon Donovan and Golden Balls
probably won’t be having tea any time soon. I love people in the
comments that are afraid that Landon and Becks won’t play nice any
more…who the fuck cares. Landon will be off to a mid-table
Premiership squad soon (Fulham, Everton, West Ham, Spurs, I’m talking
about you) and Becks will be back in Italy anyway. Let’s get them
a  couple purses and watch them duke it out (as my dad would

As always check out  www.flashgameblogs.com
for your daily dose…

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