Atari 2600 Game Quiz: Name The Games From The Manual Excerpts

Atari 2600 Game Quiz: Name The Games From The Manual Excerpt

Many Atari 2600 games had manuals that were nothing short of…bizarre.  Some of the descriptions and back-stories created, even for some of the most well-known games of the time, were astonishingly, wonderfully odd. 

Below are clues to 10 different Atari 2600 cartridges. Some are easy to figure out some are not. All the clues were taken directly from the game manuals. How many of them can you name? Leave a Comment Below with your answers. The first to get all 10 will win…something.

1. “An evil magician has stolen the Enchanted Chalice and has hidden it somewhere in the Kingdom. The object of the game is to rescue the Enchanted Chalice and place it inside the Golden Castle where it belongs.

2. “The Astro Date is 3200 and you are the last survivor of a small group of earth people who came to explore the planet Mazeon. Soon after landing, you discovered the planet is a dark, apparently uninhabitable place. But by then it was too late to turn back because your space craft had been destroyed by Automazeons. Now you are a prisoner here. You are trapped in a maze where even the walls are death to touch. Grim robot thugs known as “Automazeons” stalk you relentlessly and you must systematically pulverize them with your laser gun before they eliminate you with theirs.

3. “SMASH! POW! CRUNCH! A brick wall appears at the top of the screen, and
your missions is to smash two walls off the playfield one brick at
a time.

4.”Once upon a time in a misty, enchanted forest, there lived a colony of
good elves. These elves had a major problem, though. There prized
mushroom garden was infested with pests a giant Centipede, a
posoin-spreading scorpion, a mischief-making spider, and a pesky flea.
The good elves tried everything they could to rid their garden of these
bugs. But nothing worked.

5. “POP! POP! POP! Pop the balloons and score points. A wall of red, blue,
and white balloons will appear at the top of the screen. You must pop
balloons by catching a clown on the teeter-totter and bouncing him up to
the balloons. Use the controller to move the teeter-totter across the
screen to catch the clowns. Each time a clown pops a balloon, the
balloon will disappear and you score points.

6. “You’re on a dangerous search, deep underground. Wraiths, wizards, and
moldering skeletons surround you. Even now, a grim reaper stalks you. The exits take you where? Only deeper into the maze. Find weapons
in the darkness and fend off your elusive enemies. Claim the treasure
and fight your way even deeper into the caverns.

7. “What kind of crazy planet is this, anyway? We came here to conduct a simple
study of primitive planets, and look what happened! These…things…came and
scared away my friends. Before I knew it, all my friends boarded our lightship
and flew home.

8. “Many years ago in the small town of Spirit Bay, there lived a mean
old man named Zachary Graves. Old man Graves was not a very well
liked person. He rarely left the old mansion and spent most of his
life brooding about the decaying, four story house. When he died, the
house was condemned and locked up.

9. “Zardon has built a powerful defense system. Several
antiballistic missile bases have been established within the
cities of Zardon. The Zardonians are ready for this attack,
and are prepared to fight to save their cities.

10. “The primary objective of the game is to break a path through the shield, and
destroy the Qotile with a blast from the Zorlon Cannon. The secondary
objective is to score as many points as possible.

(All clues borrowed from HTML manuals)


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