Flash Indie Game Interweb Mashup – Mochiads Games Edition July 10, 2009

Flash Indie Game Interweb Mashup – Mochiads Games Edition July 10, 2009

I did a Mash-Up last week on blog entries, I thought it would be fun to
take an entire mash-up to focus on my favorite subject – actual games!
Since GameJacket’s demise has come to pass, there has been in influx of
developers placing games on Mochiads.  So, I am going to play
do a review with hyperbole and hopefully constructive criticism (or
glowing praise) for each of the current games listed on the Mochi
Publisher game page.  There are 9 “Recent” games and
“Featured” games on this page. Some are duplicates, but what the hell,
I will focus on the “New” rather than “Featured” games as Mochi has
already sullied the “Featured” ones with their stamp of approval and I
want to give a chance to them all.

Here are the games I will review: Shore Siege, On Fire, Fly The Excremator, Bugy, Super Strawberry Clock 2, Phrase Crazy, Space Slots, Finder, and RoastBeefSandwich.

I have enough time to give
each game 1 or 2 solid  plays, so to be fair, none of my
grades may mean
much, but hey, it’s my blog and I can write what I want to.

The (ad and thumbnail scores don’t count in the final game score. They
are there for my enjoyment).

Shore Siege


Mochi Designation: Both New and Featured
Mochi Author: Armor Games 
Actual Credits: Anthony Lavelle (Programming), Chris Ignatov (Art)
Before Game: Air Wick Video Ad. (Grade C+) I hate the video ads because
we should make a much higher CPM on them and I don’t think we do.
Tags: Pirate Shore siege Monster defence
Joke On Loading Screen: There is a joke on the loading screen. It isn’t
very funny, but nice idea: Grade B-

– Grade: B-. Not bad, probably better than 1/2 of my thumbnails, but
just average for an Armor sponsored game.  It shows game play,
which I like. But before I played the game and understood what it was,
it made no sense to me. It does now.

Title/Credits Screens: Pretty well done, there are some nice
atmospheric animations: B+

Game Play Through:

Level 1: Fend off Blobs with a nail (or thumbtack) – more fun than it
sounds. B+
Between Levels: Buy stuff on clean looking shop screen: B+
Level 2: Fend off more blogs and combat birds with cages: B+
Level 3: Adds Magnets that can fend off steel rollers B
4: Added Marshmallow men that need to be cooked with fire.
I paid to research turrets and so I was able to place a deadly turret
on the screen. A+++

Thoughts: This is a defense type game, but
not a tower defense game. It is literally a ship defense game. It is
similar to the original defense type Flash games from a few years back
(you know the ones where hordes of zombies would slowly roam toward a
castle and you had to shoot them all). It is an inventive, fun play
through. A lot of originality an creativity went into the different
enemy/weapon combinations.   The game is more than the sum of
level scores above. Overall it is a good buy for Armor and a well made

Graphics: B
Sound: B
Game play: A
Presentation: B+

Score B+
Try it




Mochi Designation: Both New and Featured
Mochi Author: MMWG
Actual Credits: Legit Games (Halboom, Michael and David Wang)
Before Game: Spray and Wash Video Ad (lame C-)
Tags: Fire, chain reaction, puzzle, unique, unlockables
Thumbnail – Nicely done. Shows game play. B+

Game Play Through:

1: The object is to light each of the camp fires with a fuse that is
dragging behind you. If you light all of the grass on fire too, you
get a bonus. The tiles are pretty well done, but the player doesn’t
have more
than one animation frame. The fire and the burning wick behind the
player are very well done though. Think a more deadly snake game mixed
with a
chain reaction game.   Level one is pretty easy to finish if
just want to tackle the camp files, but it was pretty difficult to get
all of the grass (I admit I had to start over a few times),

Level 2: I got Fried pretty quickly.

I wanted to replay this one a few times, so that is a big plus. The
music and effects are nice, as is the animation of the fire
and the
wick that follows the player. I love games with simple but affective
graphics and this one has those in spades.

Graphics: B
Sound : B
Game Play: B+
Presentation: B

Score: B+


Fly The Excremator


Mochi Designation: New
Mochi Author: Anicamo
Actual Credits: www.cartoons.pt
Before Game: Air Wick Video Ad. (I still hate it – Grade C+)
Tags: fly, excremator, funny, cartoon
Thumbnail – Excellent. Grade A

Game Play Through:
Level1: I’m
a Fly and I need to collect treats and eat poop (I think). I need to
avoid other nasty insects.  The level scrolls right to left
but cool), and looks very very nice. The music consists of a rousing
anthem done with farts and burps (this should do very well on Addicting
Games).   Game play is pretty standard scroll, dodge and

Level 2: More of the same.

This is a pretty game, and a pretty disgusting one too. It isn’t bad at
 all, and the theme is very original. It just didn’t like the
play much. I think little boys will get a kick out of it for a few

Graphics: A
Sounds: C-
Game Play: C
Presentation: B

Score: B-
Try It


Game: Bugy


Mochi Designation: New
Mochi Author: I Made This
Actual Credits: None provided
Before Game:  2 of them. A straight old skool Mochi image ad
free samples (Grade A), and what I think is the developers own ad for
something called Bubble Boomers (or it is a second Mochi Ad). It sucks
and is squashed into the upper left-hand corner with a play button in
the lower left (Grade D)
Tags: Bug, Bugy, Adventure, Pacman
Thumbnail: I can’t read the game name (which is unnecessary anyway),
but the bug and flowers look pretty good. Grade C

Game Play Through:

a lady bug trying to make it through a hazard filled maze. It looks art
based, rather than tile-base (neither is better, just saying). I need
to collect keys to open doors, eat flowers and watch out for baddies
and spikes in the maze. The sounds are not very good and the fonts and
buttons need a major improvement. The baddies follow set paths and are
easy to avoid, but the spikes are a BITCH!  I tried a few
and I can’t get by level one.
It actually has the makings of a nice
retro styled action game. I love games like that. The sprites are done
in a simple style, but I like them and the simple animation style.
 The Instruction screen was well done.

Graphics: B-
Sound: D
Presentation: D
Game Play: B- (too difficult for an old dude like me who likes this
type of game)

: C With some attention
to details like sound  and more polish, it could be a B or
Try It


Game: Super
Strawberry Clock 2


Mochi Designation: New and Featured
Mochi Author: number1hitjam
Actual Credits: Satellite and the Clock Crew
Before Game: Spray and Wash Video Ad (F – I hate it more now)
Tags: strawberry, clock, super, fun, adventure, game
Thumbnail: Excellent! Clean, pixel graphics! My Favorite. Grade A

Game Play Through:
Title Screen Music is AWESOME! It is a great 8/16 bit tune.
The Credit screen and title screens are both very well done.
 There is a level creator!

Level 1:  Beautiful 8-bit cut scenes!
your little strawberry up the vertical scrolling level, 
out for spikes, to get to the door. Not too compelling, but well
I was able to get to level 1-3, but couldn’t figure out
home to get much further. Honestly, it wasn’t much fun. I REALLY wanted
to love it, but I only like it. I personally suck as keyboard jumping
games, but others might like it.

Graphics: A
Sound: A
Presentation: A
Game Play: B- (too difficult for an old dude like me who likes this
type of game)

A lot of time was put into creating this title. It is of the HIGHEST
quality. But, the game play left me a little cold.

Score: B


Game: Phrase Crazy


Mochi Designation: New
Mochi Author: RedSpaceShip
Actual Credits: TechnoGamez
Before Game:  Spray and fucking Wash again – Grade F-
Tags: dictionary.com, word, play, phrase, proverb, saying
Thumbnail: Very well done. Grade B+.

Game Play Through:
This is a word game for the Dictionary.com contest.  
Title screen: animation is very well done, but the blue buttons are not
very pleasing to the eye.
Instruction screen: Very well done, and the blue buttons are growing on

Level 1 and beyond: The first phrase I tried was too difficult and the
game seemed to bomb out on me and then go to a new word that had the
blue squares oddly stacked. I skipped this one and came to “Silence Is
Golden”. I got that one correct and was treated to a nice fireworks
show. The colors on the level end text screen are difficult to read
though (and in a very small box).

Either I am a complete idiot, or this game is
 HARD! The game play is pretty much Wheel Of Fortune with no
wheel and a count down clock.   You can skip words and get
hints. Overall the game is well thought out and pretty fun. I am not
really a “word game” guy, but I can’t fault the game for it’s genre.

Graphics: B. I like the tiles and the fireworks  the best
Sound: B+. Good music and nice little effects
Presentation: B.  some odd color choices, but over a high
quality presentation
Game Play: B.  As word games go, this one is pretty good. They
put a lot of effort and time into it.

Final Score: B
Try It


Game: Space Slots


Mochi Designation: New
Mochi Author: egdcltd
Actual Credits: DirectoryGold.com
Before Game:  Jet Dry Detergent Video Ad (D-). I hate video
Tags: slot machine, space, slots, reels, gambling, casino, fruit machine
Thumbnail: They got the whole game in there. It looks pretty decent.
Grade B-

Game Play Through: Hmm, it’s a slot machine with a space theme. The
sounds and graphics are adequate for the game. The animation is pretty
good, but I just can’t find any reason to keep playing. There are not
many combinations that win more than a couple dollars, and if I play
repeatedly, I seem to stay on $45 for most of the game unless I hit a
big winner (I haven’t yet).

Graphics: C+
Sound: C – 
Presentation: C –
Game Play: C –

Score: C
– It is adequate for
what it is, but it won’t get too many plays as is. It will need some
game play upgrades and maybe a graphics and sound overhaul to make it
big. Good attempt though.
Try It


Game: Finder


Mochi Designation: New
Mochi Author: Cefaloptero
Actual Credits: Same
Before Game: Air Wick ant family video ad (again). It’s growing on me:
Grade C+
Tags: finder, search, line, junk, pastime, funny, relax
Thumbnail: The game is about finding things in a scribble and
 the thumbnail is a blue scribble. Sometimes your game limits
your options: Grade C

Game Play Through:
Oh my god is this a hard game!  On level one I found a fork
and nothing else. The game play isn’t bad though, but the game
is a challenge.  I will never get to level 2 and 3, I
can’t find more than the fork on level one.

*Update* – I played again and found the spoon too!

Graphics: D
Sound: NA
Presentation: C-
Game Play: C

Score: C-
was pulling for finder to be better. I think it would be fun to play if
the first level wasn’t so difficult. There isn’t much eye or
sonic candy to help distract the player from the pretty mediocre game
play. I did like the glow on the fork when I click on it and found it
in the scribble though.


Game: RoastBeefSandwich


Mochi Designation:  New
Mochi Author: ianstokes
Actual Credits:
Before Game: Spray and fucking Wash again. Gade F –
Tags: cooking, sandwich, girls, boys, kids, nonviolent, easy, 3d,
munchiegames, bbq, burger
Thumbnail: From game, but it could be better: Grade C

Game Play Through:
Honestly, I’m tired and I didn’t have much hope for this one, so I was
surprised to find a strange but fun game with some nice retro styled
graphics and sounds. Honestly, I have no idea how to play correctly,
but I want to play again and again.  Whatever it is, it is
freaking awesome and hilarious at the same time. It needs some better
instructions because I just kept shooting my “beef” at the spinning
thing in the middle and catching buns for the sandwich. I suck at it,
but want to play again. If the author reads this, please send me some
instructions on how to play.

Graphics: B
Sound: A
Presentation: A
Game Play: A/C – it is a C now, but will be and A when I learn how to

Score: B+  
Try It


That’s all for this time. Check back next week for a Mash-Up of blogs
and the following week for another look at 9 more Mochi games.

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