Flash Game Interweb Mash-Up July 24, 2009

Flash Game Interweb Mash-Up July 24, 2009

I have been working on part one of a very large (Flash Game relegated)
project over the last couple weeks. I just sent the first version of
the first set of deliverables off for judgment. That, coupled
my spotty Internet connection has forced me to be absent from the blog
world for the first extended time in nearly 3 years. So, I have some
catching up to do. Let’s do a little digging and touch in the

– “Rock” out to CronusX
and all of its rock blasting tastiness! (Squize, you had me at rocks in

– Much more than a game, check out WebbyWorld,
a virtual world for kids. Our friend, Richard Davey was deeply involved
in the creation.

is a fun little retro-tastric platformer – I might have to
add it to our arcade.

is a modern shooter with
is a  style all its own!

is difficult, but unique, but difficult.  Its got retro style,
but I’m a spacenoob!

– It’s not done yet, but I had the PC version in the 90’s. Check out a
blog entirely about the re-making of the old PC Dos game, Jet Pack.

Mochi Game Reviews (ultra short edition) – The latest 9 games straight
from the Publisher’s Page
warning, the new
Mochimedia site seems to have something stuck in its craw…er CDN on
some of these pages). If you have trouble with a game, and check out
the publisher account version (if you have access).

: Mine Sweeper with a
little more eye candy. Fun, but not brilliant. Grade C (average)

Maze Race II
: Sweet little well
made maze game. I love it. Grade B (above average)

: A Multiplayer button click
game. I need to retire. Innovative use of technology. Lame game play.
Grade C (average).

:  A Nose and Snot themed asteroids style game. Not much time
was put into this. Grade D (Below Average)

Ashes Cricket 2009
: I don’t
know much about Cricket, but this is fucking fantastic! Grade A+ (No

H2O Hidden Odyssey
: Sort of a
clicking, designing game with an under sea theme. Beautiful production,
but not my cup of team. My tea cup is filled by unsweetened green tea
so this sugary sweet treat my be for you. Grade B (above average)

Dog Walker
: A Dress-up game. I
have made at least 100 of these at my day job and little (and some big)
girls go ape over them. Originality is not the objective here. Nice
visuals, but really nothing more. Good for it’s genre. Grade B-

: Another Dress-Up game.
Good production values, but really nothing interesting here.
 Grade C. I’m sure it will get a lot of plays on the right
portals.  Music doesn’t loop properly.

Street Dancer
: Another
Dress…oh fuck it. How many of these are there? Now I’m pissed. This
one gets a Grade D. Shit, I think I need to go shower in classic
shooters and
Arkanoid clones for a while.  Good visuals, but COME
ON!  Ok, to be fair, if it had been the first of the threem it
would have received a C or C-.

some issues with MochiBot tracking calls and BitmapData.draw

Squize gives
us the goods
on his problem and
a solution. I haven’t encountered this problem yet.   Also,
over at Gamingingyourway, nGfx has added to his nice collection of
posts on creating random dynamic levels (part
), and Squize shows off his own
ZarJaz in the form of this Amiga-bitchen
ribbon effect

my reality is augmented already, I was unaware that Flash’s was too
Honestly. I have heard of the
FLAR Toolkit before (Flash Augmented Reality) but I just never had the
time to look it it much.  Mark (IckyDime) has a great
post about it
on his blog. It
still baffled about how I might use it, but the actual technology is a
little less fuzzy to me now.  AlsoMark has an article in the
printed version of Flex / Flash developer magazine out right now!

Search engine for Actionscript (WTF -Yeah!)
Flash Games is
reporting that Hexosearch
is a
search engine dedicated to indexing useful tutorials on Actionscript
programming!  My search
on Asteroids
came up with a
bunch of links to my own tutorials…I like it already!
 Freelance also has a brilliant post on the Ideal
Flash Game Sponsorship
  He even has a new Flash
that kind of makes reading
this post any further moot…

skulls and space Dungeons

Emanuele has a very nice post, culled from a keynote speech by Jason
Kapalka (Pop Cap), on
10 ways to make a bad casual game
  Jason is a master off the craft, having created the real
first modern web casual game company.  Emanuele also touches
newly redesigned MochiMedia site
I have been in a slumber for so long, I didn’t even know…

 adventure in game scripting
Urbansqual has a very very
well thought out 2 part series on the what, when, and how of game
scripting for events.  Part
1 is in a blog post
and covers
the Event – Condition – Response architecture for scripted events.
2 is a PDF
that breaks down
scripting in detail for their wonderful Battalion game.

Flaws In Flash Games (not just for exceptions any more) – Actually some
good advice on making games.
Gamasutra has posted
an article by Greg McClanahan on Flaws in Entry Level Game development
These are basically these notes he created for his talk at Casual
Connect.   The post actually contains 10 great ways to make a
good game rather than Fatal Flaws. I’m not quote sure if the title
matches the post, but it is well worth a read.


We are currently working on a book on optimized Flash game programming.
Books take a lot of time, but pay very little. If you come across the
need for an Actionscript hired gun for a game project, I’m sure we
could find one lurking here find one in the towers to help you out.
Email info[at]8bitrocket.com. 

Check out Flashgameblogs.com
for your daily dose…

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