Mochi Game Review Mash-up:'Monday July 27, 2009

Mochi Game Review Mash-up:  Monday July 27, 2009

Mochi "First Look" game reviews. Every day brings a new crop from the Mochi gods, let’s hope yours is there and its not crap. I have now added my own designation to each game as a FLASH game or a Game Made In Flash. There is a difference.

Today’s list of games: Office Catapult, Bouncing Letters (Facebook), I Love You 2, Biffs Box Panic!, Chase the Bunny, Barnstormer, Rotatix, Balance Of Power, The Black Box

play each game for about 5 minutes and then do a brief write-up on my
first impressions. Some games deserve much more time, some are
candidates for me to put in our Retro Arcade Showcase, and some make me
want to throw the mouse at the wall in disgust. Let’s see which ones we
get this time…  

Note: My ratings are getting harsher as
my patience gets tested. The more of these I do in a row the more C’s
D’s and F’s were are going to start to see.  

Game:Office Catapult Flash Game

Office Catapult

Description: Fling the wadded up paper into the trash can in this physics based first person puzzler. It is set in an office and you are a bored worker, playing with a ruler and some paper. Beware of office fans that will blow your flung paper off course.

First Impression: This is a very well done catapult game. I’m not quite sure how many levels there are, but after the 4th or 5th, I found it pretty difficult.

Rating: B+. It could use some sound, and more obstacles, but it is quite well done.

Game: Bouncing Letters (Facebook) Game Made In Flash


Description: Create words by shooting letters (in balls) as other letters (in balls) at the top of the screen.

First Impression: I have got to give them credit for innovation on this one. Spelling games are difficult to pull off because the size of the dictionary necessary makes for some unwieldy sized data structures. That being said, I think they limited the words available with some strategic letter selection.

Rating: B : A well done, quality production. A good game, but not a great one..

Game: I Love You 2 Game Made In Flash

I love You 2

Description: An interactive "love story" with some mini-games. It is basically a conversation between two people that you participate in.

First Impression: Sometimes art speaks for itself and sometimes it is left open to various interpretations that are argued over through time. This seems like it is a very innovative text adventure / action game with a retro feel. It is mature themed, but I never made it that far. The story is a little like the classic game Hacker. You are at your computer, communicating with someone on the other end, and interspersed is an odd mini-game that get more and more difficult and frustrating as you progress. This certainly is art, but I can’t put my finger on the game part. It needs a lot of patience and time, but could be good if I had the time to devote to it.

Rating: C : The heart is in the right place, but the fun is not. I think the author has some very creative ideas and can execute them in a pleasing manner. Now its time to make them more fun to play.

Game: Biffs Box Panic! Game Made In Flash


Description: Roll Biff along the ground and group colored boxes in stacks of three.

First Impression: The simple description belies a very well made, innovation match-3 style game. High quality all around. This would have made a good 16-bit era puzzler.

Rating: B+. This game should have a sponsor and it should be on many portals. Everything, from the instructions to the power ups and atmosphere is high quality.

Game:Chase the Bunny Flash Game


Description: Using a ball, chase and tag the bunny across the scrolling landscape.

First Impression: I was afraid this would happen. I didn’t want to have to award a F any game, but here is the first. With in the first 3 seconds of scrolling the beach ball across the landscape, it falls off the screen and cannot come back.

F : Sorry, I gave it a chance, but there is nothing really game-like here. Clean it up, get rid of the bugs and let me take a look again.

Game:Barnstormer Game Made In Flash


Description: A version of the popular Activision Atari 2600 game, re-made for a new generation.

First Impression:  A little conflict of interest here as the author has used some of our free music samples in the game. Barnstormer is a well made retro style scrolling game. It could use a little polish in places, but it certainly is fun to play and a lot of time was put into the game elements.

Rating: B : A solid game that is fun to play and satisfies my retro sensibilities.

Game:Rotatix A Flash Toy


Description: Less game and more toy-like creative diversion, Rotatix is a pleasant way to waste a few minutes.

First Impression: By manipulating the five unnamed settings at the bottom of the screen, you can change the way in which a chain of five colored lines creates beautiful artistic impressions. The music is nice and the idea is pretty solid.

B. There isn’t much game, here, but the idea of changing "knobs" to create art as a diversion is a sound one.

Game:Balance Of Power A Game Made In Flash


Description: A turn-based strategy game, not unlike a combination of checkers, chess, Stratego, and Othello. It is played on a grid where you must use the influence of your pieces to bring people to your side rather than kill anyone. It is a novel concept.

First Impression: I’m terrible at games like this, but that shouldn’t sully the experience for anyone else. It am still a little confused by the rules, but this is a very well put together game that strategy fans should enjoy.

Rating: B. It needs to be a little easier for strategy novices like me to enjoy at the start, but that doesn’t take too much away from this quality product.

Game:The Black Box Game Made In flash

Black Box

Description: An eerie Myst-like adventure with a point and click interface.

First Impression: Wow, this is a well done little game. I’m sure adventure fans of all types will really enjoy a game such as this. The music and visual are done well, and the game interface is well thought out.

Rating: B+. Time was certainly spent making this game. I couldn’t figure out how to light the candle, but there is a walk-through for those (like me) who need it.

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