Mochi Game Review Interweb Mash-Up: Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mochi Game Review Interweb Mash-Up: Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nine more games on tap for today.


Not much good going on today. Some fun to be had, but its a stretch. This is the worst day so far with only a couple average (C) games and one slightly above average (B-) game. Now I understand what the Mochi game reviewers have to go through each day. The next one of these will be on Featured Games because my eyes, brain, heart and soul hurt after today.

Game selection: I am reviewing the 9 new “Recent Games” on the Mochi Publishers page, but I can’t help looking over at the “Featured Games” with envy. For a few days, there were games that showed up on both lists, but today there is not. (you’ll see why) Maybe someone at Mochi can explain to me if I am missing games by only doing the recent ones. It is obvious to me that the “Featured Games” will mostly get A and B rankings (so what’s the fun in that), but I might switch over to those tomorrow for a day (tomorrow) to make sure I don’t miss some gems.

Today’s wonderful collection: Succubus Dress Up, Car
in a Maze, uNinja, uPokemon, River Cat English, Cool Racing, Fighters
Attack, Sheep Invaders, Sheepteroids

I am still working out the definition of Flash Game and Game in Flash, but here goes:

Flash Game: A game made by and for the new crowd of Flash gamers. From simple games like Click the Dot, Throw The Cat, and Keep Something In Air to Time line based scrolling games, Bloons and Tower Defense Games. Some of these are hybrids: For instance, TD games are basically turn based strategy games, but made in specifically with the Flash game crowd in mind. Quizzes and games with stolen IP are certainly Flash games.

Games In Flash: Games that just just happen to be coded in Flash, but could have been done on any platform. This includes classic game types and new games that don’t necessarily take advantage of Flash specific features – time line animation and set stage scrolling, etc. They also are not targeted at the FLASH game crowd, but at all gamers, classic gamers, or traditional casual gamers. TD and Bloons bridge the gap between the two types.

The Ratings are getting lower as I get more and more angry.


Game: Succubus Dress Up (Flash Game)


Description: A dress up game where you put clothes on an anima styled vixen,
First Impression: More like color forms than dress-up as the clothes don’t stick in the correct place, but any place. Probably not the game parents want their little girls to play.
Rating: D : Good graphics, but who is the audience? No game play really and clothes can be spread all over the place.

Car in a Maze (Flash Game and Game In Flash)


Description: Steer a car through a maze and try to reach the goal. There are hidden stones that you cannot see. If you veer off the road or hit a stone, you must start over.
First Impression: There are good racing games and bad racing games and then there is this. It certainly looks like it came from a tutorial, but I don’t read other peoples game tutorials much, so I don’t know which one. No matter, this game needs A LOT of work. It is a nice first effort for a simple game, but it lacks in so many places.
Rating: D : There is no fun to be had here. For a first game, it is ok, but this is the type of game that will go no place fast (literally and figuratively). The game is difficult because the car is hard to control, and I think the author meant it that way. Also, the stones in the road appear out of no where, so you never know when you will be sent back to the start. There is the genesis of a game here, but not much else (yet). It needs work.


Game: uNinja (Flash Game)


Description: Take a survey on personality / Ninja skills and you will be told what Naruto village you come from.
First Impression: Wow, stolen IP and a quiz. Awesome.
Rating: F: – Don’t steal IP for any reason. Also, there is no game here. Music is stolen too. The quiz ideas is solid one, but don’t steal.


Game: uPokemon (Flash Game)


Description: See uNinja but replace everything with Pokemon.
First Impression:
More stolen IP. I like the stolen Stix like song.
F: – Don’t steal IP for any reason. Also, there is no game here. Music is stolen too. The quiz ideas is solid one, but don’t steal.


Game: River Cat English (Flash Game)

smelly cat

Description: Click and drag the correct color fish to the fat hungry cat.
First Impression:
This is no more than a simple diversion, but it certainly is the more game-like and fun one so far.
C : Pretty good idea, decent execution. Some of the music and assets might not be original, but I don’t know for sure. Could use some variety or power ups, etc.


Game: Cool Racing (Game Made In Flash)


Description: Race (well drive fast, as there are no other cars to race). Choose from three cars and four tracks.
First Impression:
The best game so far today. The driving is done pretty well and you can’t trick it because it uses way points.
B- : Technically this is well made, and there is some polish. The racing action isn’t very fun though. It shows some effort and a very nice attempt.


Description: Fighters Attack (Flash Game)


First Impression:
There really isn’t much game here. You are a jet at the bottom of the screen and you can press the space bar to continuously fire your guns at jets that fly down the screen at you. Kill 20 and you win (yeah!), get hit 3 times and you lose (boo).
: D : Not much to rate here. A good effort for a first or second game or for assignment class on basic game development.


Game: Sheep Invaders (Game Made In Flash)

sheep invaders

Description: Space Invaders with sheep.
First Impression:
Nothing new here, but a decent effort. Some good humor.
: C : Decent enough classic game with a funny theme. If you are going to steal sounds, don’t do it from the game you are cloning.


Game: Sheepteroids (Game Made In Flash)

sheep roids

Description: Asteroids with sheep
First Impression:
Nothing new here, but a decent effort. The ship acceleration is not implemented very well. You either coast or zip, but nothing in between
C : Not as good as Sheep Invaders, but better than most of the games today.


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