Mochi Game Review Interweb Mash-Up: Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mochi Game Review Interweb Mash-Up: Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7 Featured and the 2 best non-featured games on tap for today. It’s a very strong group of games today and almost everyone will find a game that they will like to play.

Yesterday was NOT a great day for Mochi new games. There was some fun to be had, but mostly I was disappointed. Today, I switch over to the games that Mochi has designated as featured games. Since there are only 7 that I have not reviewed before I will select the 2 best non-featured games and review those too. I’m still going to be tough on these games. Just because Mochi has selected them doesn’t mean I will like them too. In after, after witnessing the dreck that Mochi has to sift through to find good games to feature, I am sure they let some poor games through. As always, I am not going to be mean and I will try to add something constructive if I don’t like a game.

Game selection: RedCap, Invaders Catch!, Gingerbread Circus, Flower shop Keeper, Bubble Boom, twin botz, Twin Shot 2, WordQuake, Now You Jump

Flash Game: A game made by and for the new crowd of Flash gamers. From simple games like Click the Dot, Throw The Cat, and Keep Something In Air to Timeline based scrolling games, Bloons and Tower Defense Games. Some of these are hybrids: Fort instance, TD games are basically turn based strategy games, but made in specifically with the Flash game crowd in mind. Quizzes and games with stolen IP are certainly Flash games.

Games In Flash: Games that just just happen to be coded in Flash, but could have been done on any platform. This includes classic game types and new games that don’t necessarily take advantage of Flash specific features – time line animation and set stage scrolling, etc. They also are not targeted at the FLASH game crowd, but at all gamers, classic gamers, or traditional casual gamers. TD and Bloons bridge the gap between the two types.


Game: RedCap (Game In Flash)

red cap

Description: A puzzle game disguised as platformer
First Impression: Red Cap is difficult! On each screen, you must solve a puzzle to open a door to get to the next screen. There is treasure to collect and baddies to avoid. It is very much like the early 8-bit classic, Montezuma’s Revenge.
Rating: B+ : A quality, fun, game. The difficulty level was a tad high for me though.

Game:Game: Invaders Catch! (Game In Flash)


Description: A quality space blaster with cartoon graphics.
First Impression: Finally! A blast-em-up worth playing! It’s been a while. Invaders catch is a cartoony space blasting fun time. It is a little like Space Invaders, but has many charms all of its own.
Rating: A: This game is reminds me of going to to arcade in the 80’s and finding a new, awesome game! The look is very modern though, but with some retro sensibilities.


Game: Gingerbread Circus (Flash Game / Game in Flash)


Description: A knife throwing game, set in a circus with gingerbread mean and woman.
First Impression: What a fun little game this is! It reminds me of Point Blank, and is a blast to play. Each of the Gingerbread characters has a personality all its own.
Rating: A : Boy do the Mochi guys have their finger on the pulse of the good games. This one is worth a bunch of plays!


Game:Flower shop Keeper (Game In Flash)

Flower shop

Description: Diner Dash in a lower shop.
First Impression:
Not my cup of tea, but certainly a fine, well made casual game for the right audience.
B+ : Good music, nice visuals and decent, if repetitive game play that will satisfy control freaks (and there are a lot of them).


Game: Bubble Boom (Flash Game)


Description:Chain reaction game where to click to create a circle (bubble). As it grows, it hits other floating circles and they expand and pop too.
First Impression:
Chain reaction games are fun, but ultimately I’m not a good judge of them as they stray far from my gaming preferences. There seem to be a lot of game rendering hiccups that slow down play.
B : This is a solid game. I’m not sure if the rendering hiccups are on purpose or not, but they detract from the overall experience for me.


Game: twin botz (Game In Flash)

twin botz

Description: One hell of a shooting game. You have 6 guns at your disposal. You (attempt to) control 2 robots on the sides of the screen and 4 laser cannon at the bottom against an onslaught of strange creatures from the top of the screen.
First Impression:
This is a very fun shooter with some great Muse-like music to go with it.With too much stiff on the screen it can get a little slow, but it certainly would please Amiga/ST fans with it’s classic 16-bit gaming influences.
A : A very fun, well made shooter. (I love those).


Game : Twin Shot 2 (Game in Flash)
Platform game where you play either a good (free) or evil (pay) cupid character. Two players on the same keyboard also available.

twin shot

First Impression:
What can I say? This is one of the best, if not the best, indie platform game I have played. Whimsy and quality is in abundance.
: A+ : Play and enjoy it. You will not be wasting your time.


Game: WordQuake (Flash Game)

work quake

Description: A word unscramble game with an earthquake theme. You must unscramble the 7 letter word on each line and lock it before the earthquake comes.
First Impression:
This is a quality production, but it isn’t as much fun as I would like. I didn’t know there were so many 7 letter words =)
: B : A good word game that jumble players will enjoy. This was not a Featured Game, but could have been.


Game: Now You Jump (Flash Game – a classic example)

sheep roids

Description: Keep a square in the air by jumping on moving platforms.You can play 2 player co-op or against on another (at same computer).
First Impression:
This is a very simple looking game with some nice game play. I’m sure there are a lot of players out there for a game like this.
B : This actually is a nice little game. It didn’t take too much time to make (probably), but could have been a featured game (it was not).

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