Mochi Game Review Mash-Up: Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mochi Game Review Mash-Up: Thursday, July 30, 2009

I have decided to go back to the 9 new games (not featured) today because I like torture. Actually, my hope is to find some gems missed by the over-worked Mochi staff, and the provide some constructive criticism – unless I get pissed off again, which happens a lot. Remember, these are really “first impression” reviews. If I do go back and play a game more, I’ll mention it in a overall blog and game weekly mash-up. Since there are only 8 new games (one is a duplicate for Facebook), I chose the first featured game also. Also, I am a little lucky today because most of the games are by the same (pretty decent) developer.

Game selection: Pool Practice, Lightning, Train Shooters, Topstar Control, Summoner Saga chapter 5, Parking Mania (Facebook), Gems Swap 2 (Facebook), Castle Defense (Facebook), Extreme Cars

Flash Game: A game that defines the Flash genre (clicking, and or throwing / matching / steering / collecting / running into / avoiding things across a physics or non-physics based timeline) or is disparagingly called hey, that’s a “Flash Game” by console and PC game developers. Not that their disparagement isn’t jealousy.

Games In Flash: Any game that does not fit into the above Flash Game category.

Both: Mostly tradition casual games : TD, Match 3, Diner Dash, etc.


Game: Pool Practice (Game In Flash)


Description: Practice pool by knocking 10 red balls into the pockets.
First Impression: This is a nice little pool engine that has been used to created a simplified version of of the pub game. Not bad, but nothing to get excited about.
Rating: B : Technically proficient and decent looking. It is fun for a few minutes of pool fun. What more can you ask?

Game:Game: Lightning (Flash Game)


Description: Attempt to take a picture of lightening – a reaction game. Click the mouse fast after the lightening shows up to take a photo.
First Impression: Not really a game, but more a of a little Flash toy. There isn’t much game play here.
Rating: C : This game is polished, but lacks in the game play area. I think davekd, the Mochi user who has at least 1/2 of the games on the list today, is a very polished Flash developer. Gameplay-wise, he is a little lacking though. He has created quite a few unique, simple games and is also putting them on FaceBook also. I admire that more than you can imagine, but I would like to see some of the games get a makeover in the fun department.


Game: Train Shooters (Flash Game)


Description: A reverse tower defense game where you ride train and fire at attackers on the side of the tracks.
First Impression: This is a pretty good game idea, executed in a sloppy way. The train on the track moves very smoothly and the enemy turn toward the player and shoot. Technically, it has something going on. Visually and game play wise it is lacking. I do think it looks ok, and the shooting action is fun for a while, but it is very repetitive.
Rating: C : This is a good idea that can be fleshed out into a much deeper and more fun game.


Game: Topstar Control (Flash Game).

top star

Description: Guide the colored stars to their respective colored galaxies with the mouse.
First Impression:
This games is kind of fun. The action for the first few minutes is easy and it ramps up pretty well. The sounds and visuals are affective.
B-: I would have given it a B, but then my game ended, it just kind of froze with the eyes bugged out of some stars. It took me a little while to find the little red button in the lower right that brought up the menu. This game has some very nice sound and music that makes me think of 80’s games.


Game: Summoner Saga chapter 5 (Game in Flash)


Description:Hmm, now wait just one second. This is an odd one. It is a high quality Japanese RPG / Adventure. But Mochi didn’t feature it, so they may have seen IP problems with it.
First Impression:
IP and potential stolen game issues aside, this is a well made game.
N/A : I can’t rate this game as is. There are just too many questions about its origin. Play it, check out the Mochi developer and the site it comes from and see for yourself. I would like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, so the game gets an A if it can be proven to be legitimate.


Game: Parking Mania (Facebook)


Description: Try to park a very frustrating car in series of parking spaces.
First Impression:
Visually this game is pretty good. The idea is a sound one too. I have a problem with any game where the controls make the game difficult on purpose though. That simply is not fun for me.
C : Frustratingly difficult on purpose. Once you turn the wheels of the car and press the acceleration, the car will go in that direction even if you stop the car and attempt to re-right the wheels while stopped. You have t accelerate to turn the wheels on the car. I know this isn’t a simulation by any means, but in my own car, I can turn the steering wheel to straighten out the wheels without crashing into a planter (unless I just watched the LA Galaxy lose again). If that simple control was added, this game would be more fun to play.


Game : Gems Swap 2 (Facebook) (Game in Flash / Flash Game)
A match-3 gem style game. Match a gem in each square of the pattern before time runs out.


First Impression:
There is nothing truly unique about this game, but it certainly is a decent macth-3 with nice visuals and some non-irritating sound effects. The goal of matching a gem in each square of the pattern is both unique and difficult.
: B : A solid B. It does provide good time for the right audience.


Game: Castle Defense (Facebook) (Game In Flash / Flash game)


Description: A relatively simple Tower Defense game where you defend a castle.
First Impression:
I reviewed the non-facebook version of this game about a year ago. It is a decent TD game, but nothing extra special, everything it should have.
: B : Pretty good, fun, and free and executed nicely.


Game: Extreme Cars (Game in Flash)


Description: Race your car through the desert in this high quality first person racing game. You can JUMP over cars Speed Racer style!
First Impression:
This game is a technical achievement. The big breasted woman, speed, and jumping will help keep some players coming back, but the racing is just a little lacking. This has to do the linear nature of the course (always straight) and the fact that the car doesn’t steer, but merely moves side to side. This is very similar to many classic attempts at racing though.
A- : An incredible technical achievement (except for some rendering hiccups) but it is lacking somewhat in the arcade fun department. It’s still a nice ride though, and the jumping makes for a better overall experience.

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