Mochi First Impressions Game Review Mash-Up: Friday, July 31, 2009

Mochi First Impressions Game Review Mash-Up: Friday, July 31, 2009

I love games. Doing all of these reviews is starting to help bring back a little passion for games that I seem to have lost as this has become more of a job than a hobby. These reviews are certainly helping me to focus on my games and book on game programming again.On that note, I have extended this to review ALL games in both Featured and New Releases for today. I Don’t have time to do a full review (event short first impressions) of each, so I have chosen 4 Featured and the 5 most interesting (not good or bad) New Releases to review. I chose based almost solely on the name and the icon. The other 3 remaining New Releases will get an even shorter capsule review. This was a pretty good day all around. No real clunkers, but here were a couple IP issues, a few that need more work, but one that was the best so far this week.

Game selection:
: Gondar TD, Sugar Crash, Pantechnicon Connection, Devil House
New Release: Smashdoll, The Stairway, Old School ALIEN SHOOT OUT, Captain Adventure Man, Duck Hunt Remake
Capsule: Cake Deco, Smile, Inkblot

Flash Game: A game that defines the Flash genre (clicking, and or throwing / matching / steering / collecting / running into / avoiding things across a physics or non-physics based timeline) or is disparagingly called hey, that’s a "Flash Game" by console and PC game developers. Not that their disparagement isn’t jealousy.

Games In Flash: Any game that does not fit into the above Flash Game category.

Both: Mostly tradition casual games : TD, Match 3, Diner Dash, etc.


Game: Gondar TD (Flash Game and Game In Flash)

gondar td

Description: A very detailed, well made Tower Defense.
First Impression: TD’s are fun, but they are not usually the type of game that jump out at me as something that I want to go back an play again. Aside from the music loop that doesn’t loop properly, this is one that I will definitely go back and play. The game makes extensive use of gritty, almost post apocalyptical visuals, and is very well paced.
Rating: B+ : Qualify throughout, but the screen was a little dark for my liking. Also, that music loop needs to be fixed. Other than that, a very solid, fun, above average Mochi game.

Game:Game: Sugar Crash (Game In Flash)

sugar crash

Description: One of the most unique Breakout / Arkanoid games to date. You play a sugar cube and you need to keep the child in the air by bouncing him off of fun things so he doesn’t get bored. You can even bounce him to a nap if you need a break. (Just like real life).
First Impression: Unlike the iPhone Shake The Baby game, this actually shows some real-world (albeit tongue in cheek) insight into taking care of a child. This a fun, well made, very well thought out, high quality retro game with a modern stylings.
Rating: B+ : Very well done, It deserves a lot of plays.


Game: Pantechnicon Connection (Flash Game)


Description: Create a road of words by using the final 2 3 or 4 letters of the last word in the new word.
First Impression: It actually took me 4 or tries to figure out what was going on in this game. I am DENSE! It is simple, and a good, unique idea. The production is solid, but not flashy.
Rating: B : Not a bad word game, but it is difficult.


Game:Devil House (Game In Flash)

devil house

Description: Your friends have been turned in Zombies. Turn them back (with enough serum) or shoot their lights out. Protect the ones who have not been turned yet.
First Impression:
This is simply the best game I have played all week. It is like Smash TV with a Zombie theme. Play it and you will like it. Quality all the way through.
A : These are the types of games that make sitting though the countless coloring book, dress-up, mouse chaser games worth the effort, Bravo!


Game: Smashdoll (Flash Game)

smash doll

Description: More of an activity or toy than a game, simply throw the nicely animated stickman around the room and make him bleed in the physics engine demo.
First Impression:
I had a few laughs, and it is well constructed for what it is.
C : Not much game here, but still better than some of the actual games I have reviewed this week. You can turn off the blood if you want to.


Game: The Stairway (Game In Flash)


Description: You have died, and to make to to your final destination, you must play 3 types of word games.
First Impression:
This actually is better than some of the word games Mochi Featured. Could it be that the music is stolen (I have no idea) and that is why they didn’t feature it? The game has a very well defined atmosphere and a variety of word puzzles to play. It reminds me of a lower budget version of Book Worm Adventures (not exactly the same though).
B : A solid effort. The most fun I have had in any of the word games for the past few days. I especially enjoyed the "hang man" where you little figure falls down the pyramid when you guess incorrectly.


Game : Old School ALIEN SHOOT OUT(Game In Flash)
A Space invaders clone.

Old school

First Impression:
This is a pretty good version of Space Invaders. Good: All of the simple graphics are well animated and pleasant to look at. Bad: There are about 1000 of these and this one adds nothing new. Does it have to? No. As an accomplishment in basic game development, it is pretty good. As a marketable game, it is not. There is no sound, but at least in that case the none of it is stolen.
: C. Add some sound, a color splash here or there, and maybe a unique feature or too and it could be a decent game.


Game: Captain Adventure Man (Game In Flash)


Description: An arcade adventure puzzle game where you must move rocks to find treasure and items for special abilities.
First Impression:
Another very high quality game that Mochi didn’t feature. It is pretty difficult as you can accidentally move a rock and then have no way to get to an item.
: B+. This is a very good looking, solid puzzle game. The atmosphere, visuals and sound really are a treat. The difficulty level might be set a tad too high at the beginning. With practice though, it will be easier to play.


Game: Duck Hunt Remake (Game In Flash)


Description: Play an unlicensed version of Nintendo Duck Hunt, re-made for the Flash Gaming Crowd.
First Impression:
This is a well constructed shooting gallery game that resembles the Nintendo original a little too closely. The visuals have been re-done for the new era (but look very close to the originals), and the sounds are nice (but also sound a little to close to the originals). After my first round ended, I got stuck on the result screen and could not go any further.
B- : There are some serious (questionable) IP issues, and some bugs, but the game play and core quality are nice.


Capsule Reviews:

Cake Deco: Girls might enjoy this dress-up game for cakes. Decent quality, but not really a game, more of an activity. Average at best with pleasant visuals. Grade: C+

Smile: Puzzle game where you are tasked with turning each of the adjoining smile faces into one with sun glasses. Good, but not great. Grade C+.

Inkblot: The inkblot looks nice and is well animated in this snake-like traditional Flash game. Nice to look at, but the control makes it a bitch to play: Grade C.

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