Mochi First Impressions Game Review Mash-Up: Saturday, Aug 01, 2009

Mochi First Impressions Game Review Mash-Up: Saturday, Aug 01,

Today begins our new attempt to review every Mochi New Release
and Featured game as often as possible. This will be daily for as long
as we can keep it up The games now have 4 review types.

1. 8bitrocket
. This will be the a single game daily that we
feel needs the most attention. This will not always be the best game of
the lot. It might be a good game that Mochi failed to feature, or it
might be an awful game that we feel needs some TLC and we will offer
some advice if the author is willing to listen (even if he/she is not, we’ll
still give it).

2. Mochi
Featured Games
: A selection of the Games Mochi has
featured for that particular day.

3. Mochi New
: A selection of the Mochi  New Release
Games for
that particular day.

4. Capsule
: Both Mochi Featured and Mochi New Releases games
with a short review and a rating.

Digital Doll Beach House
Mochi Featured:  Public
,  Wizard Defense, Asteroids Deluxe, Here to Collect
Mochi New ReleaseFG Darts 301,
Capsule: Wind Fall, Fly or Die, Ben 10 Helix, Beach Balls, Gem Swap , Big Brain Wolf , Summoner Saga 7Flix

Featured Game Of The Day:
Digital Doll Beach House


Why is this the featured
:  We have seen quite a few “dress-up” games
over the last week, and most are not done very well. I personally have
had the “displeasure” of working on a brand that does mostly dress up
games for the past 12 years. I know dress up games pretty well
(unfortunately). I chose this game as the featured game, not because it
is the best game of the lot, but because it demonstrates how to do do a
“dress-up” game correctly. Cheers to to developer (chriserror) for such
fine work, even if it in my least favorite genre.   I know
chriserror’s games pretty well (Panda Hate Maze is one of my all time
favorite games). I don’t judge games based on who I know, and I would
actually rather not know who the developer is before I review a game.
In this case, my previous experience with chris’ games did not play
any part in it’s selection as game of the day.

Place furniture in a room, rotate it, paint the walls and take a
First Impression:
 What a nicely done “dress-up game”. The rotation of
 the furniture and overall presentation sets this one apart
form its Mochi peers.
Rating:  Presentation:
B+. Game Play:
B (I don’t like these types of games, but for those who d…). Fun: C+. Overall B.

 Featured Games

Game:  Public


Description:  You are a
streaker, running across an American Football field. Pick up stuff,
chickens, learn new dance moves, avoid giant pig skin players and more.
First Impression:  The game is
highly creative and original. It has many fun game play elements and is
pretty funny.   It killed my IE browser but worked fine in
Fire fox. This is probably just a personal problem.
Rating:  Presentation: A. Game
Play B. Fun: A: Overall:

Game:  Wizard Defense


Description:  A
variation on the Tower Defense genre with wizards and monster baddies.
First Impression:
 A very well done, deep game that holds absolutely no
interest for me.   It is so well done I wish it would, but
this just isn’t my type of game.
Rating: Presentation: A. Game Play B: Fun
C: Overall B

Game:  Asteroids Deluxe


Description:  The Atari
Classic, re-made with many more features and Zar Jaz.
First Impression:
 Shit. I mean literally, fucking shit! This is a tough one. I
LOVE this game, but COME ON!!! Atari owns this IP. Atari guys visit
this site. I know an Atari guy that is re-making this game RIGHT NOW! I
think this version is exceptional, but it I wouldn’t touch it with a
100 foot pole. It has legal issues written all over it.
Rating:  Game alone A+. Game with
IP issues :  N/A. I can’t recommend putting it on any portal
until the IP
issues are cleared up. I will change this review if it can be proven
that this author has the right to make this game.

Game:  Here To Collect

Kick ass

Description:  Using a
variety of weapons, run around the Western saloons and kill zombies.
First Impression:
great humor, great visuals and sound. Just a pleasant experience all
 Presentation A. Game Play A. Fun A:. Overall A.

New Releases

Game:  FG Darts 301


Description:  Flash
Version of the countdown from 301 to 1 traditional darts game.
First Impression:  What a nice
treat this game is. It is always difficult to simulate this type of
game with a mouse, but I think the unsteady aim does a very nice job of
replicating a hand ready to throw a dart,
Rating: Presentation: B (no sound). Game
Play B. Fun B. Overall B.

Release Capsule Reviews

Wind Fall : A traditional
Flash catch style game set in a storm on a ship. Presentation: B, Game
Play B-. Fun: C+. Overall

Fly or Die:  A good but
not great Geometry Wars / Asteroids style game using just the mouse.
Simple but fun: Presentation: B-. Game Play:  B-. Fun C; Overall C+.

Ben 10 Helix  : A Decent
Zuma clone with IP problems galore. Rating N/A – Too many IP problems
to rate until I know they own Ben 10 Game License.

Ben 10 Underworld : A
nicely done retro platformer (I have seen this engine before) with just
as many IP issues as the other Ben 10 Game. Rating N/A – Too many IP
issues. I will re-rate it if it can be proven to be legitimate.

Beach Balls :
 Keep a beach ball in the air with a paddle (like breakout).
That’s it. At least there is no stolen IP (that I know of). 
Presentation D. Game Play D. Fun D. Overall:

Gem Swap 2 : I don’t know the
difference between this and Gem Swap 1, but I gave that one a B, so
one gets one too.  Grade

Featured Capsule

Big Brain Wolf: Play 4 different,
dastardly difficult brain teasers puzzles. An all around a winner: Grade B+

Summoner Saga 7 : More high
quality Anime style Japanese-RPG / Adventure style gaming. Not for my
tastes, but it is a high quality production,. It looks like this IP is
not stolen, so I will grade it on its own merits. Presentation: A, Game
Play B, Fun B. Overall B+

Flix :  A very well done
liquid inspired, physics-based platformer. Grade A

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