Mochi First Impressions Game Review Mash-Up: Sunday, Aug 02, 2009

Mochi First Impressions Game Review Mash-Up: Sunday, Aug 02, 2009

It’s late Sunday night, the kids are finally in bed, I completed
putting Clayton Grey’s speed tests onto the site, and translated
Steve’s game into Flex (for asset embeds). I now have just a few short
minutes to reviews games before I get to fire up the Xbox and check out
my new Fios connection with NetFlix on demand. So, this will be
abbreviated version with a single 8bitrocket Featured game and all of
the rest will be Capsule Reviews.

Type Definitions:

1. 8bitrocket
. This will be the a
single game daily that we feel needs the most attention. This will not
always be the best game of the lot. It might be a good game that Mochi
failed to feature, or it might be an awful game that we feel needs some
TLC and we will offer some if the author is willing to listen (even if
he/she is not, we’ll still give it).

2. Mochi
Featured Games
: A selection
of the Games Mochi has featured for that particular day. (none today)

3. Mochi
New Releases
: A selection of
the Mochi  New Release Games for that particular day. (none

4. Capsule
: Both Mochi Featured
and Mochi New Releases games with a short review and a rating.

:  Pixus

: Splitty

Another Ultimate Tutorial BetaMeteoritesCode
,Gina’s Golf Getaway
, Samurai Warrior Doll, Avoider-3

8bitrocket Featured Game
Of The Day: Pixus: 


is this the featured game

Originality and retro sensibility. Pixus is quite a little game and it
should do very well on the portals. Mochi featured it and for good
reason, it has all of the qualities that make up a portal smasher! You
can create, load and save your own levels, and even load levels created
by others. Bloons used this to great affect and Mochi developer,
xpndsprt, might have such a hit on his hands.

A kind of reverse Tetris where you draw lines that turn into big block
pixels and use those to clear blocks on the screen. One of the best
retro style puzzlers I have played:
:  Wow,
I’m blown away by the simplicity and the elegance of this wonderful
mash-up of retro and modern game concepts. This one is quite a winner
in all regards and should be a huge hit.
: A. Game Play:
A. Fun: A. Overall

Capsule Reviews

Another in a series of very good organic puzzle games. You must click
splitty as he moves across the screen. This will make him split in two
(and more, the more you click to split him). All splits will move until
obstructed by the evil pumpkins and other obstacles. Catch all of the
sacred fire on each level to progress. Very well done: Grade A.

Release Capsule Review

The goal is to shoot haggis into Susan Boyle’s mouth while she sings on
stage, Supposedly, this will keep her on tour longer and not give her a
heart attack. Pretty funny, but I’m not sure I would misappropriate 19
Entertainment’s people. They are scary. This is just an OK game, but I
appreciate the attempt at topical humor. Grade D+

A surprisingly fun and well thought out word game that Mochi has not
featured yet.   I encourage them to do so it might be
passed up.  Using Scrabble-like letter tiles, make words on a
grid by moving letters. It’s more fun than it sounds. Grade B+.

Another Ultimate Tutorial Beta:
Not a game, but a Flash based tutorial on Flash. Most of the
Actionscript is ancient (Tell Target?!?!). No game play here, but some
humor to be had if you know what you are looking for. Funny, but not Ha
ha funny. Grade

You are a skull , hurling through space and you must dodge the cool
looking black “Meteorites”. Collect the big white dots  to
save the day and clear the screen. This is a decent avoider game with
terrible music but a nice overall presentation. There isn’t a whole lot
to do, but for what it is, it is kind of fun. Grade C+. 

A simple text cipher decoding game. Not much to the presentation, but
the puzzles are dubiously difficult. I don’t play these types of games
often. Grade

Gina’s Golf Getaway

Dress up a good looking woman so she can play gold in style: A dress up
game done pretty well, but still a dress up game: Grade C+.

Samurai Warrior Doll: Dress up (Gina Again?) as a sexy Samurai warrior. She starts in her
underwear. Now I get the draw of these games (not really). Done well,
but… Grade

A mouse avoider game. Plays an ad between each game play – this would
be clever if the game was worth playing. It isn’t bad for a mouse
avoider, but the game never replayed properly for me the second time.
If it does actually work, then this is a solid C (not bad for the time
spent on it). Right now, Grade D.

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