Possibly The Scariest/Best Flash Game Contest Ever

I have finally found what might be the scariest/best Flash Game Contest ever created.  Fellow Flash Game Developers, I show you this:

Do you recognize that logo in the bottom-right corner?  That’s right, it’s Yahtzee Crowshaw from Zero Punctuation at http://www.escapistmagazine.com, right now the best game reviewer on the planet.

The “Stonking Great Game Contest” involves creating a game using Zero Punctuation assets (provided) and uploading it before October 19th.

The contest has no real monetary prize.  Basically you win  a public ass-kicking in the form of scathing review from Yahtzee Crowshaw (and a couple other things).   The Escapist Magazine claim all ownership of anything entered, AND they want your source code too.  Pretty lopsided eh?

So, why might you consider entering this one anyway?
Well, several reasons:

1. Your game will be branded Zero Punctuation (using their assets) so there is not much else you could do with it anyway.
2. Zero Punctuation has MASSIVE traffic.  If your game does go-up, the residual traffic and promotion for your work could be well worth the effort. (No ads, but I’m sure you could link to your own site some place on or near the game)
3. Viral Flash devs basically give many of their games away for free these days (No, that $32.53 in Mochi pennies was *not* worth the 200 hours you spent making the game), so why not try your hand at some real publicity while you are at it?
4. We all (if you re like me anyway) have game engines that can be re-tooled to fit in with game like this.  Even engines that we never used because they did not seem to work.  This could be a great place to use them-up.
5. It’s an honor these days to have Yahtzee even look at your game, so to have him rip yours apart is a prize unto itself.
6. Actually, there is chance Yahtzee will actually like your game…which could be an even bigger benefit.
7. His name is “Yahtzee” and you know how much we love “Yahtzee” games here…which gives me an idea!

To be honest, I’m torn on this one.  The rules are very strict and favor The Escapist Magazine in way that is almost funny unto itself…but it is still very very intriguing.   again, too much we do these days seems to be free anyway…

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