Flash Game Interweb Mashup (including Mochi Reviews) Aug 8, 2009

Flash Game Interweb Mashup (including Mochi Reviews) Aug 8, 2009

This is a combined Blog / Site Mashup as well as a Mochi Game review
Mashup all in one.  

Let’s start with the games. Here are the titles on tap for today:

Mochi Game Reviews:

Multitask:  Play multiple
mini-games at once (I never got passed 2, but the icon shows 4). Unique
and well designed, but pretty difficult. Grade B.

Evolved: Try to turn all of the
blocks to the “happy” red color. A frustratingly difficult puzzler, but
still a good little game. Grade

The Plunge: A very pretty side
scroller across the ocean floor.  It reminds me of an old
Atari 800 game called Zeppelin. Zeppelin was a classic in 1982 and The
Plunge is just a well made and quite fun. Grade B+.

Red Remover
: An intensely fun, innovative, physics based
puzzle game. This is one of my favorite games right now. Grade A.

Vampire Diaries Race Against The Dawn
:  OK,  sorry WB.
I know Vampires are all the rage, and I’m sure your show will hit the
right nich, nestled between 90210 (the new batch) and Gossip Girls, but
this game is LAME. I feel sorry for the developer because I work on
branded advergames all day long, and completely understand what happens
when you are given a property like this. I’m sure the guys making the
game wanted some sort of Van Helsing side scrolling action-platformer,
but the “brand” people watered it down to a lame clicking game. The
assets are nice, but look, there is money behind these games, so the
design will always look pretty. The poor game designer and Actionscript
programmer had to hold their noses through this one.   You
click on some stuff on the screen and look at pretty pictures of angst
ridden vampire-ettes. I think there is a mystery to solve, but I fell
asleep on the first screen and decided to seek out a Dress Up game for
more action and adventure. Grade

Jamie Spears Make Over
: Not to get too technical, but I think
Jamie Spears is the DAD. Jamie Lynn Spears is the daughter and sister.
I fully expected to dress up the douche dad in some sort of
douche-baggery clothes for his late night jail bate trolling. Instead,
I got a game that probably has IP issues all over it. The engine is
nice, but I wouldn’t cross the Spears empire like this. Grade D.

Bomb Brickz!
: A simple, but well made match-3 game where you
must collect stars to move on. Pretty decent with some little animation
touches, but overall it needs something more because there are so many
of these already. Grade

Miniaball: A traditional Flash
Game where you need to keep the moving ball on the screen with what
looks like sweet sound waves. Not bad looking and the particles are
cool. The game is rather simple though, but that’s what they were going
for. Grade C+.

Kurtlar Vadisi-Polat alemdar Puzzle:
What the fuck is this? I don’t recognize the dude, but I assume he is a
movie star in the Middle East or India. I have no idea. No matter, if
this is an official game from his “people”I would fire those people
right now and at least hire the ones who made the Vampire Diaries game.
Play this intriguing match/concentration game at your own risk. I’m
sure there are portals out there where this will get millions of plays,
but I have never visited any. Grade

Retro Tank: This one has
potential. The look is pure green screen mono and the graphics look
even pre-8-bit. The game might be a re-make that I never played. I’m
not exactly sure what the point is, but you are a tank, there are
platforms to jump onto, falling bombs to avoid, and things to shoot at
the bottom of the screen. It needs work in some ways: You should be
able to shoot the bombs. I like it though, but I don’t think it has
enough to make it on the portals just yet. Grade C.

Non Mochi Games:
:  Play (0nly on FGL right now) Richard
Davey’s deceptively fun, sweet looking little 5-day game. Richard’s 5-day
games, made in the evenings only, make me want to quite and go do
something else. Wonderfully enchanting: Grade B+.

Urban Squall’s Battalion Area in
open beta. Try out this brilliant multiplayer RTS style game. Grade A+

Rick Triqui: Play Emanuele
Feronato’s brilliant platform game made with Box2d. Grade A.

Grid 16:
I can’t tell exactly what to do in each of the 16 games, but Grid 16 is
pure AWESOME. Grade B+. Thanks to Porter for the tip. You can read his
review here

Check out The GameList Direct for their Fresh Cut Friday Game Selections.
 Some familiar faces in there that maybe deserve a bump up in
th rankings.

Blogs / Sites / Etc

Dial Z For KICK ASS!
nGfx over at Gamingyourway.com has a great start to a dev diary on making a
Gauntlet style game
. It looks good so far and he offers up
his tile and scrolling code for good measure.

Have a Good Trip, Lawrie.
Lawrie is leaving his job,
 releasing all his games and going
on a 6 month back packing trip to East Asia. He says that he will be
posting more about it soon.

Some Cool New Free
Shiznet (sic) from FreeActionscript.com
Check out the endless parallax scrolling and Dynamic Tool Tips.
 Finally, some cool new stuff from Phillip. Great work!

Does the credit crunch
affect Flash Games?
FlashChaz wonders if the advent of Mochi Coins and the
lower offers from most sponsorships is a sign
. I believe it
is, but there was always going to be a shakeout, no industry is immune.

Make IT Play It. WIN IT.
The Make It Play It August Action contest.
Just make an action game (using their badge system), and submit it.
They don’t claim to own your game or any of that nonsense. First Prize
is Flash CS4.  They don’t have any entries yet, so how could
you lose? Ace VS, I’m thinking your game you showed yesterday might be
a winner.

Pixel a Flash UP Game
iDevGames has a short article on this cool sounding AS3, completely free
for organizing your OOP Flash games. Sweet!

Google’s Directory Of All
Things Game Programming
This is a very good resource. Here
is the list of AI links.

Michael has a wildly in
depth understanding of the Flash Coordinate System.
Now you do too.   If you
are having any problems with child coordinates, rotation, scaling, or
the like, Michael has the answers.

Mark G. is A Star and now
you can find out why for free.
The issue of Flash/Flex developer magazine
with Mark’s article (Secrets of a Flash Game Programmer) is now a free

Don’t Look Directly At
The Sun (at least not today).
A visit to Mr. Sun’s blog is always a treat, but since he
hasn’t updated in a while, he has posted all of his tutorials over at FlashGameTuts.com.

Implementing Controls In
Flash Games
Freelance Flash games has 2 parts up in a very good series
on implementing controls in games: Initial Decisions, and Teach The Player. Discuss them and
anything else Flash Games in his new forums.

Ryan gets messages
directly from the IGDA!
Douche Langdoll strikes again and the IGDA is finally on the case.
 Ryan also tackles Micro Transactions.

Where do you put the game

Porter has a few well thought out ideas.

Off Topic:

ComicsAlliance list of The Most Ridiculous
Moments In G.I. Joe History
The Cold Slither subliminal message episode was written
monkeys with random sentence generators.

As always, hit www.flashgameblogs.com
for your daily dose.

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