Flash Game Interweb Mashup: Blogs, Sites and Game reviews, Aug 18, 2009

Flash Game Interweb Mashup:
Blogs, Sites and Game reviews, Aug 18, 2009

This is a combined Blog / Site Mashup as well as a Mochi Game review
Mashup all in one.  I had to take a weekend break because it
was my wedding anniversary. My wife was already not pleased that I had
to write 15 pages of my latest chapter, so instead of  Mochi
games, a Mash-up, and a divorce, I took a break and started back today
with a combination Mash-Up, and a solid marriage.

Let’s start with the games. Here are the titles on tap for today:

Game Mini Reviews:

Game Of The Day:


One of the best all around
Flash games you will ever play. It’s a bicycle race similar to
Excitebike, but with modern physics and a quality second to none. Robot
Jam and Long Animals, I salute you. Please make more games, but don’t
give them away for free. Sell them on Xbox live or Wiiware! Make me
feel inadequate. Grade

Max Damage:
A sweet little retro style physics based puzzle – shoot a cannot ball
at all kinds of household items and try to inflict the most damage. Grade

Zombie Assault 2 – Insane Asylum
Kick Zombie ass, collect money to open new areas and weapons. There is
also a Mochi Coin implementation that confuses me a little (the Mochi $
vs the in game $), but it is a very fun game. Grade

: This is a well done, but
seemingly incomplete overhead, scrolling (360) shooter. You run around
and shoot baddies using the keys and the mouse. It seems incomplete –
no sound, no real instructions, etc. In its current state it is an odd
duck, but interesting all the same. Grade

Not a conversion the obscure 80’s sequel to Phoenix, this is a simple,
but well made game where you must use the mouse to guide a group from
left to right and avoid any of them being killed. It’s pretty fun. Grade

Snap ‘n
: A fun little puzzle game
where you snap a “cord” to bounce a ball around the level until it hits
the key. It doesn’t look like much, but it is a pretty good game. Grade

Flower Garden
: The style and
look of this game is very nice, but the game play if very odd. Stuff
seems to be falling from the sky, and you must either open or close the
umbrella over each plant to let the “stuff” hit it or not. Good stuff
(water) and bad stuff (lemonade?) will with help or hurt you plants.
Some young girls will get a kick out of this one. Grade

Turbo Tanks:
Sonic the Hedge Hog with a tank .Pretty well done and fun. Grade

Rescue The Houseworld:
A fun little retro-style space shooter where you man a cannon at the
top and blow away enemy attacking from the bottom. It’s more my type of
game that yours, but I think you will enjoy it too. Grade B.

/ Sites / Etc

The Flash Love Letter Part 2
– Danc, you have me at “New Definition of Value”!  Danc gives
the metric measurement ideas that will help you make money from your

Finite State Machine For Games
Colby is extending his great entity based game framework with a
discussion of OOP state machines. Nice!

Yak’s Making Of Attack Of The Mutant
– Read all about how Jeff
Minter entered the game industry in the Edge.com article.

Using Math To Defeat Zombies

It’s possible, though not probable that you will need to fight off
zombies one day. They all watch Dancing with the Stars now, but what
happens when it’s taken off the air?

Wired’s Virtual Reality Game: Find
Evan Ratliff and win $5000
– He
is gone, but keep up to date on his credit card purchases, cell phone
calls, and blog entries. If you find him first he will give you a
password to obtain your cash!

Martin Hollis , who has been doing
this since the dark ages, interview at Gamasutra
– They discuss Rare, Speccy games, etc all they up to the new Wii

Freelance Flash Games get’s jiggy
with Cronus X for a week
. – It
couldn’t have happened to a more deserving game.

Tracker interface for Flash 10

Have you ever mistyped in Photonstorm.com and gone to Photostorm.com?
I hope they get some extra business out of it. Maybe Richard Davey can
make them a new site with his impressive skillz. Anyway, over at Rich’s
Game development blog, not the wedding photo site, he has a sweet news
item on the FlodPro Tracker interface for Flash 10.

Want to play Flash Games on you PSP?
 The Techie-buzz blog have the goods.


Funny or Die Ballad of GI Joe

What do the Joes
and Cobra do in their off hours? Three Dog Night, Painting landscapes
and Ham radios?

always, hit www.flashgameblogs.com
for your daily does.  

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