Flash Game Interweb Mashup: Blogs, Sites and Game reviews,Thursday Aug 20, 2009

Flash Game Interweb Mashup:
Blogs, Sites and Game reviews,Thursday Aug 20,

This is a combined Blog / Site Mashup as well as a Mochi Game review
Mashup all in one.  I figured why not try to do as many of
these as possible, as often as possible There is more to life than just
games, and there’s more to games than just blogs. Let’s see how this
plays out. I’d love to do this daily, but time is limited, so it might
be every other day. Mochi has gone ahead and changed up the Publisher
page to highlight coins and featured games, while literally burying the
“new games” so far down the page that most people will never get there.
Alas, I cannot be fooled, so I will trudge through the sea of “me
too’s”, “dress-up games”, and “laser-dodgers” to find some hidden gems
(and some not so gem-like).

Let’s start with the games. Here are the titles on tap for today:

8bitrocket Game Of The Day:
8Bit Junkie
SWEEEEEEET! Not a Mochi Game today, but a fun retro inspired action
game. Using your Pac-man like character, you must eat all of the green,
blue and purple classic characters and void the red ones. The game play
is pretty good, but the entire atmosphere puts me into a retro-arcade
on the 80s mixed with some Jeff Minter Zarjaz. It’s a fun little game
with an awesome atmosphere.


(8bit Junkie is a Paul Stamp

Mochi Game Mini Reviews:

Cubes R
: A relatively simple
looking, but ultimately pretty difficult puzzle game. You are tasked
with removing colored cubes and their adjacent neighbors from a line of
cubes at the bottom of the screen. Your score is based on the square
(math) of the number of cubes you eliminate. There are quite a few
special (good and bad) cubes and one that cubes your score (more math)
rather than squaring it. The puzzles are based on removing all of the
cubes (good and bad – but bad removes some of your score too) to
complete a level. This is a nice, well made game. I had to play a few
times to really get it, but then again, I’m an idiot. so most people
will take to this one pretty easily. Grade

3D: Part 2
: This is sliding
match-3 puzzle, played at a sort of 3-D perspective (really iso). It
looks pretty, but there is no sound to speak of. The way matches are
completed is a new idea (at least to me). You move entire rows and
columns and try to match up colored squares with other rows and
columns. You don’t just swap to pieces. This makes for some interesting
game play. Grade B

: A first-person (well 3rd,
from behind) snowboarding game. This is is a visual and sonic treat.
The controls are a little difficult to get used to, but for the most
part they work great. We are now starting to see games that reach the
PS1 level of quality on the Flash platform. This one isn’t quite there
yet (Maybe Jaguar/Early Saturn quality), but is certainly is the best
Flash snowboarding game I have played. Grade

FG Filler:
Your job is to fill the screen with Blue Balls (sic). Watch out for the
red balls as they will destroy your blue balls if they collide during
creation. I call all of these games Qix games (because that was the
original filler in in the early 80’s). This isn’t a bad little game,
but there is not enough special about it to really make it stand out.
Grade C+

A pretty good version of the Microsoft Windows time sapping classic.
There are quite a few options for creating your own game with different
board sizes, difficulty, etc. I dig the effort. It’s simple, might have
IP issues (I don’t know the trademark on the name), but all in all, it
is kind of fun. Grade C+.

A sweet little mouse avoider style game with some nice custom music (a
really decent song). It’s done well and has good elements. It is a
little like other games, but I really appreciate this attempt to make
is different in some with with little touches of Mintereque zarjaz.
There are places where it could use some visual upgrades though. Game
Grade B-
. Song Grade B+.

to Kill
: This has to be the most
difficult defense game I have ever played. You are a guard, defending a
bank from zombie looking robbers. You have the worst gun in the history
of guns (it can be upgraded though) and the robbers all have unlimited
supplies of weapons and grenades to throw at you. It doesn’t look like
much and really doesn’t play like much. There is a way to upgrade, but
I never made it that far because my gun hardly ever fired and hit an
attacker. It needs some work in all areas, but it looks like a lot of
code was put in to get it this far. Grade

: Hmm, it looks a lot like Atari classic (and the Neave Flash version),
and some of the original sounds are sampled. But some of the sounds are
just plain crap. Why sample some and not others. Actually, why re-make
the exact game with some sounds and not others, I mean were you really
concerned about the IP issues with just the shooting sound. Anyway, as
much as I like retro games and Asteroids, exact duplicates (even with
one sound replaced) are ripe for legal issues.Nice coding job though, Grade

: God I was hoping this
would be better than the last Asteroids game, I was wrong. It is ok,
but odd. You must dodge falling asteroids as you move up the screen.
Inexplicably, at some points you earn a “charge” that you are supposed
to be able to use to destroy some of the rocks. I never got it to work.
At least the asteroids are not stolen IP, but they do look like soccer
balls in some ways. Grade

By the way, Mochi seems to have some ROS (run of site) Vlassic Pickle
ads now. I have not seen those since between commercial Knight Rider
and Chips episodes in the early 80’s.

/ Sites / Etc

Rev Share Enabled Games
– If you
are a publisher, reluctant to add Mochicoins games because of the
potential for player to leave your site, you can now be compensated if
you add Mochicoins Rev Share enabled games to your site. There
are 6 up now with more to come
“RTFA” for questions =).

Once Upon A Time In Flash Development
Part II
-Vortixgames’ Vlad gives
his take on the Greg v Ryan argument with own discussion of developer
practices and maturity levels. Of course many new developers want cash
for little work…don’t we all though?

Takes on Sponsor Click Through Rates
I like Porter because he wants to create retro-style games ( we do
to!). Anyway, Porter finds some interesting views on the value of
traffic, unique games, and CTR in this nice article.

Speccy Game Bible!:
Rich, over
at Photonstorm, has a review up concerning this series of great books
on Spectrum games. The books cover 1982-1993 and 1200+ games. Nice
find, Rich. This is the type of material that ALL game developers
should be reading.

The average game is now 35, fat and
– so says MSNBC from a
poll given to fat, bummed Seattle Tacoma residents.

If you hate AS3, then this thread is
for you
– People mostly hate AS3
because it makes time line and embedded clip coding a fuck-nutsy
experience. If you are like me, and you like to build applications and
games with pure code, then  AS3 rocks. It is obvious to me
that there are large camps on both sides of the issue. Neither is wrong
because both use code for completely different purposes.

Flash CS4 Still Crash For You?
G. (The Dime Man) has it running smooth as a kitten after the latest

Useful Flash APIs and Tools

-Lorenz has put together a very nice list of 3D, Multiplayer, physics,
IDE, tweens, and other tools that can really help you get the job done.

HitTest behaves with scrollrect
-Jobe has discovered some interesting things about hit testing with a
scrollrect. Basically, you can’t hitTestPoint outside the boundaries of
the scrollrect and expect to get accurate results. See Jobe’s example.
I never use scrollRect, I just offset the point and use the
BitmapData.hitTest. I don’t think this will work for Jobe, but I like
to write things that are in my head (obviously).

Open source AS3 Isometric Engine

– Emanuele has an entry with the details on this sweet little piece of
code from Djibril Tavares.

little Off Topic: 

latest version of Retro Gaming Times

– Alas, I didn’t make the Atari Playfield article this time – damn
book, salting up my game. 

Way Way Off Topic:

Total Eclipse OF The Heart (As
Performed By The Dan Band in Old School) – Flow Charted and diagrammed
for convenience sake. 

The Ten Coolest Cartoon Cars Of All
Tom Slick car and and Mach 5 are awesome, but the car from the Ambiguously
gay Duo?

Beck’s Loser, the Literal Video
I always knew
that was death with his shirt off.  

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for your daily does.  

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