Flash Game Interweb Mashup: Blogs, Sites and Mochi Game Reviews, Friday Aug 21, 2009

Flash Game Interweb Mashup:
Blogs, Sites and Mochi Game Reviews, Friday
Aug 21,

For a second straight day I am doing a Mochi Review AND Site, Blog, and
Game Mashup. I am a sadist, and I hate myself. I even have two games of
the day today, one Mochi and one non-Mochi. Anyway, no need to read
any more of this jibjab…

Let’s start with the games. Here are the titles on tap for today:

8bitrocket Game Of The Day
: Tower
of Greed


Tower of greed has NES classic
written all over it, but it doesn’t steal any IP and isn’t a clone. How
can that be? Talent, understanding, and an appreciation for the
classics, that’s how. Epic Shadow (Porter and Andrew) have created a very
sweet little retro contest. Everything about this jaunty little 8-bit
style game is of the highest quality. Your goal is to collect as many
treasures and trinkets as you can while climbing up the tower. As you
start the ascent, the screen will start to scroll up faster and faster
and you must make some very quick decisions on how to proceed. This
could have been a nice little classic quarter gobbler in the mid-late
80’s. Grade A.


8bitrocket Game Of The Day


Sacred Symbols is a very well
done puzzle game that has all of the elements I would think Mochi would
find valuable in a featured game. Only, they did not feature it (yet).
Actually, the flow of featured games has been very slow this week in
general. In theis game, you need to remove blocks from a grid, so yes,
they premise is not very original, but the game is very well done with
some deep play patterns. There are multiple types of blocks to click
and each destroys like (and some unlike) blocks in unique ways. Also,
you have spells (and mana to use up) such as teleport, heal, transmute,
and randomize. The visual and sonic touches added to the game are first
rate. Your main goal is to make sure you destroy more than two blocks
on each turn. If you don’t, you will get into trouble quickly. The
visuals, while well done, slightly lack that final professional touch,
but the game-play is first-rate. Grade


Mochi Game Mini Reviews
(in grade order):

Wars 2: Angels VS Demons
: The
Classic Worms or Artillery Range game with incredibly done visuals and
sounds. You play either and angel or a demon and you must fire your
weapons across the scrolling landscape to destroy your enemy
counterpart. This is a fun, cartoon-styled, and very inventive title
that should be a hit on many a portal. This was a candidate for game of
the day. Grade A.

Synth Blox:
A Tetris-like game with a beat-heavy techno sound track. Macro blocks
fall from the top of the screen and are made up of 4 mini
blocks with different colors in a square (2×2). You move the
macro  blocks, place them and rotate the position of the
colors. A laser will come by and destroy mini blocks in groups of the
same colors (2×2). This is a very well made, fun puzzle game
with some nice visuals and the aforementioned sound track. Game of the
Day Candidate. Grade B.

2: Jungle Escape
: Sweet! This is
a very simple, retro styled game. You basically control a soccer ball
along a scrolling (you move up, the background moved down) jungle path.
Your ball rotates and has some limited inertia. Your job is you move it
as far down the path as possible, avoiding the sides, the trees and any
other hazards that come along. The music is especially well done in
this title. The visuals are pretty simple, but the game-play is fun. Grade

: A well done little
puzzle/platform game where you must walk on each platform (and make it
melt away) before you can finish the level. It is more difficult than
it sounds. The music and visuals are nice, and the game play is pretty
fun. Grade B.

An ancient board game played between you and the computer. DaveKG is
the KING of recent pretty good quality B Grade Mochi games. This one is
no exception. The AI is good and the visuals are pleasing. Nice work. Grade

: Death Delayer is a very
slow-paced, thinking-man’s game. You need to patiently use your magic
to keep spiders and other beasties from attacking a man who has been
buried alive. The game is high on creativity, but low on action. It is
a unique, pretty well done game, but the game play is targeted at those
who not as twitch happy as I am. Morbid in some ways, and fascinating
in others, there might just be an audience out there for games of this
style. Grade B-.

: Drive the truck along the
side-scrolling, jungle terrain, collecting stars. You need to reach the
finish line before time runs out. There are no shortage of games that
use the Glenn Rhodes side scrolling racing engine (or one like it).
This one looks nice, and plays pretty well. It has that “me too”
feeling, but if you enjoy games like this, you can’t really go wrong
here. The sonic experience is a little lacking though. Grade

Flox is a well crafted, slow paced (many will enjoy this aspect), but
ultimately very simple game. You are tasked with drawing circles around
like colored circles that are floating in the game space. If you
“lasso” two like colored circles, they will merge to create a bigger
one. A had a few good minutes of fun with this one. The music is
soothing, and it plays nicely. Grade

: Kit is a platform game
where you move from the left to the right and jump over things. The
screen doesn’t scroll, but once to get to the right edge, you move to
the next screen. There is nothing really good or really bad about Kit.
The visuals are well done, but the platform engine controls are a
little tight. Grade B-.

: A relatively simple,
but well made game. You man a highly maneuverable tank and you must
protect a medic truck on the road from enemy tanks. Basically, drive
around and BLOW SHIT UP. Don’t shoot the medic truck though. It is good
clean cartoony fun. Grade

: Take the most
difficult to control arcade game airplane in the history of the medium
and attempt to have fun crashing into the pretty landscape. I can’t
give it too bad a grade just because I suck at it, but COME ON, why put
some much work into a game and then make it a complete BITCH to play?
Some good graphics and animation in this one though. Grade

Water Drive:
You are a stone and you must fall down the screen on platforms. If you
don’t fall fast enough (and get hit by the top of the screen) or fall
below the bottom of the screen, your game is over. This is a nice
simple little diversion without much in the way of either polish or
extended game play. Grade

Hungry Hobo
: A very very
simplistic “advergame” style catch contest. Using the Hobo’s arm to
extend a cup, catch falling money. That’s pretty much it. The Hobo
looks pretty good, and the name is a funny take on the classic board
game (with Hippos), but there isn’t really much here to grade. This
should be re-skinned and sold as an ad banner. Grade


/ Sites / Etc

cool Flex/Air Code Coverage Tool:

I’m a little late to the game on Flex Cover, but it seems to be a very
useful tool, and it’s free!

Collision Detection Kit
: Looks
KICK ASS! A set of classes to do pixel perfect collision detection for
ALL display objects. SWEET does not cover it! Corey O’Neil, you have
some new fans over here.

Write AS3 on- line and compile it
into a swf
: The Actionscript
Minibuilder is a Java App that runs in a browser. It lets you compile
AS3 with code assist.

How to cater your game do the male
:  Freelance
Flash games has some better ideas than mine (ie: boobies, and fart
jokes). His ideas for targeting kids
might actually work too.

New Basic Enemy AI Tutorial at Flash
:  It’s in
AS1/AS2 and pretty basic (onClipEvent), but if you are in need, it’s
worth a look.

The Game In Your Blog Flash Game
Round Up for Aug 20
 Cyclomaniacs, The Competitor, GT and the Evil Factory, This
is the Only Level, and Bubble Spinner. 

Hey Zap Now Gives Publisher a cut too
: So says this this Tech
Crunch article.

 10 Reasons Flash Is Better
Than Silverlight
: As if you
needed this list =) I’m actually very interested in Silverlight 3. We
tested Silverlight 2 earlier this year and made a couple small games. I
was disappointed with the bitmapdata and sound support. Both have
supposedly been fixed in version 3, but I haven’t had time to check it
out yet. 

little Off Topic: 

The Angry Video Game Nerd Review NES
Bible Games
: The games are
unauthorized and AWESOME! Did you realize that Moses was that strong!

has launched
:   From
the staff behind the awesome RecycledGaming.com.

Way Way Off Topic:

Will Ferrell answers your Internet

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