Atari Nerd Retro Gaming Interweb Mash-Up: August 24, 2009

First off, some Nolan Bushnell stuff: A Story about uWink Hollywood , plus a story about Nolan Bushnell getting back into the game business with Battleswarm!

Here is a retro style Flash named Zapataur that will help you save an actual brick and mortar arcade from extinction, just by playing online!!

The guys over at continue their domination of all media by talking about both their books and upcoming movie about video games, in this interview.

Bill Kunkel discusses fake celebrities used by game companies in years past to promote their games. now has SIX issues of Electronic Games magazine ready for you to download and read at your “leisure”! They also have Atari Age, classic issues of Nintendo Power, and many others. While you are in the magazine mood, don’t forget the other great Atari magazines site, .

Over at they continue to unearth early Atari 2600 games that have never been published. This newest is named Racer by Rocklan. This always astonishes me, until I think of the dozens of 1/2 finished games I have laying around my hard drive and realize that in 1982, there were tons of programmers trying to make their mark on the 2600, so there are probably a few more these waiting to be found on Mainframe backup tapes world wide.

DadHacker has a an interesting story about working at a start-up in 1995, plus a story about the Easter Egg. his version of Super Pac-Man for the Atari 8-bit. DadHacker is a great site, and one of our favorites.

GameInformer has a good little story on the past, present and future of retro games. Nice and in the vein of things we have been thinking about lately too. has a weird story about games based on John Hughes movies. I love John Hughes, but maybe these games should have been left buried.

Over at Digital Press they have some new interviews of classic game personalities including Robert Jaeger (Montezuma’s Revenge), and Marilyn Churchill (Atari graphic designer)

Oh yeah, it’s good to see that Ed Logg now has a Wikipedia page. Ed is one of one of our heroes at (Asteroids of course). By the way, we’ve been trying to get an interview for this site with him for some time, but we always seem to miss him. If anyone has any leads on how to contact him, they would be much appreciated.

Also, it looks like the Classic Gaming Expo will finally return in 2010! We plan to be there. how about you?

Did you know that Legacy Engineering still has their USB Atari 2600 Joystick for sale? It’s a very nice piece of equipment. has updated their site with some interesting news. First, Curt Vendel is planning to create 25 Atari 7800 High Score cartridges, and you can try to get one. Also, Curt has updated the site with tons of new Atari 7800 info to mark that machine’s 25th anniversary.

Finally, don’t forget, be sure to visit for your daily retro dose!

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