Flash Game Interweb Mashup: Mochi Game Reviews,nbsp; Tuesday Aug 25, 2009

Flash Game Interweb Mashup:
Mochi Game Reviews 
Tuesday Aug 25,

Wow, what a haul today. Great
games all around. This is what happens when you take a few days

Games covered this time:
Bug Box,  Kahoots, Crazy Go Nuts 2, The Unfortunate
Necromancer, Little Farm, Pirate Golf Adventure, Hitstick 4, Fall,
Asteroids, Firework Columns.

8bitrocket Game Of The Day:


Bug Box has finally made the
move to Mochi. I played this little gem a couple weeks ago and was very
impressed. I have been waiting to play the final version and do a full
Mochi review and my chance has finally come. In Bug Box you have a very
simple task:  Get the Butterfly to the exit. The game play is
based on a very simple sliding puzzle concept, but the execution and
quality is first rate.  Bug box is another in a series of
Mochi games that would fit right into the casual game mix on Yahoo or
Big Fish. Kids and traditional casual gamers should all get a kick out
of this fun, inventive, wildly well executed puzzle contest. Everything
in the game, from the wonderful cartoon style graphics to the classy
environmental sounds is perfectly chosen. Plus, it was created by
Richard Davey of PhotonStorm.com in less than a week. He is quite a
talent. Keep up the great work, Rich.

Note: Richard has added a link to 8bitrocket.com on the title screen for his game. He did this AFTER I decided to make his game Game Of The Day (Last Friday). This was not a paid sponsorship. (see his note in the comments).


Mochi Coins and 
Game Mini Reviews (in
grade order):

 I don’t know what to say about Kahoots other than: “What the
this crazy-ass awesome game?”, and that I’d love to share whatever mind
pharmaceuticals they ingested when making it.  It’s Lemmings
and it’s awesome. You need to play it to understand completely. You
might want to dig into the hollowed out book where you keep your stash
of “candy” from college before you play this one. I think I’m going to
nightmares of Peg Beast (but good ones). Grade A+.

Crazy Go Nuts 2:
 Wow, Crazy Go Nuts 2
has Pop Cap written all over it. It is rare that I find a free Mochi
game that would actually be worth the $19.99 that Pop Cap charges for
casual games, but this is one of them. Nuts has top quality class all
over the field. It is like the Lakers, Yankees, Arsenal, Barcelona,
and Patriots,Red Wings and DC United all rolled into on fun action /
puzzle game for the whole family. The game is a little like Bloons, but
you are firing squirrels at nuts. It also combines elements of
Arkanoid, Clowns and Balloons, Point Blank, physics puzzles and more.
The presentation and originality is first class. You must collect nuts,
stars, and other items and amass a score high enough to make it to the
next level. There is no way to “die” other than not achieving a score
high enough to move on. Grade A+.

Golf Adventure
:  This
is beautifully crafted, laid back little
casual golf game with a pirate theme. You are tasked with moving about
the pirate world and advancing the story by knocking a pretty big golf
ball into a hole on each level. This isn’t a plain old golf course, and
you don’t have any clubs. Using the mouse you direct the ball, and hold
/ release the button to choose the power of your stroke over hills,
pirate ships, caves, and more. You can keep knocking the ball even
while it is in the air. Your job is to collect as many gold coins as
possible in as few strokes as possible and get the ball into the flag
designated hole.  This a another extremely high quality game
would not be out of place on the all of the biggest commercial casual
game portals. Grade A.

The Unfortunate Necromancer:
 This is a fun
(and funny)  little retro styled game where you play a
in the center of the screen and you must do battle with hordes of
attacking undead. You have mana that you use to fire magic missiles and
other spells . You can purchase spells with in-game collected gold and
with Mochi-Coins. The Mochi-coins upgrades are pretty worthwhile items
that kick zombie some ass. A very unique element to the game is the
movement. You actually don’t move, you just rotate in the center of the
screen, firing in the direction of the mouse, If an item appears that
you want to collect, you need to point to it press the “S” key. This
will send your trusty servant, Igor out to collect the item
(hilarious!). This is a
simple, but fun retro-style game. My favorite kind. Grade B+.

Little Farm:
Another Mochi Coins casual game that
has Big Fish or  Yahoo written all over it. The quality of
games is going up to match the best commercial casual games because
more real revenue can be derived from these games. The problem is
finding the audience that will pay. Those players are not on the same
portals that Mochi normally serves (I think). Most of the Yahoo and Big
Fish players stay on those portals. In any case,  Little Farm
is a
first class casual game. You need to water your crops and harvest them
into trucks that drive by. You do this by drawing a rectangle
around the crop squares so that all 4 corners match the crop that the
truck needs to pick up.  There are many hazards and many
and power-ups. It isn’t even fair comparing these types of games to the
typical Mochi fare. For the right audience, this will be a huge winner, Grade B+.

Hitstick 4:
 Is a “Hitman” style mission
oriented game. You click through the environment, either blasting, or
sneaking your way to the target. The missions usually require you to
take out a particular individual who is guarded by his own squad of
minions. Like the other Mochi Coins games, this is a top class entrant.
It isn’t like Big Fish, Yahoo, or Pop Cap games,. It is more is a
traditional Flash/Old Skool computer game. A lot if time was spent on
character and mission creation. You will have a blast playing just like
I did. Grade

Mochi New Game Mini Reviews (in grade

 Fall has the Zarjaz! You don’t shoot anything, you just fall.
But you
fall to a sweet little techno sound track in a slowly rotating room.
Your  goal is to fall from one platform to another, avoiding
and picking up trinkets along the way, It is simple and it is fun. Grade B.

 It’s no secret that I will try any game with ships and rocks
in it.  This one takes what I assume is an engine from a
popular book and adds some nice game play features. There were a few
render hiccups on my browser, but this is a fun, if not very unique
little blaster. Grade B-.

Firework Columns:
Firework columns is a Columns style game where you are treated to a
nice little firework display when you match three in a column. The game
is probably an IP
hazard, but the fire work element is pretty neat. Grade B-.

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