Flash Game Interweb Mash-up: Monday, Aug 31, 2009: Flash Game Distribution Reviews

Flash Game Interweb Mash-up: Monday, Aug 31, 2009: Flash Game
Distribution Reviews

One cannot live by Mochi games alone. I burned myself out after 3 weeks
of reviewing virtually every Mochi game launched (during that time
frame), so I have decided to take a little detour and review the latest
batch of games from the Flash Game Distribution list.

Games Reviewed
:  Nudge (Game of the Day), Falling Eggs,
Polarized, Farmers on Fire, World Cities, Squirroll, Drunken Rabbit 2,
Armored Corps

Two other games are in the distribution: The amazing Cyclomaniacs and
the fun Red Hat. Both are fine games, but I have reviewed them
previously on when they were on Mochi.

Game of the Day: Nudge:


Nudge is a beautifully crafted puzzle game.  Cartoon style
visuals accompany a puzzle game with elements of Pengo, Chips
Challenge, Lemmings and more. Your task is to navigate the tile-based,
overhead 2D levels and collect all of the balloons. Nudge is a complete
treat to play and should be a very nice addition to any portal.
 There is a level editor and you can undo Nudge’s moves during
game play if you make a mistake.  What a joy to play!
Grade A.

Game Design Note:
Nudge has implemented a very nice tile to tile system of movement that
all tile-base puzzle game designers should consider. The character
moves freely, but will stop when he is at the center of a tile. Not
only is this very user friendly,  and shows code style
maturity (to me at least).

Falling Eggs: A relatively well
done little game where you must move the mouse to touch Easter Eggs
that are falling from the sky. If you touch one, it will bound back
toward the top of the screen. The goal is to keep quite a few on the
screen at once. Everything in the game is pretty well done and the
presentation is nice. There isn’t a huge amount of “game” here, but
sometimes the simple ideas are the best.
Grade C+.

Polarized: Wow, now this is a
unique, very very well made little game. The goal is to move a metal
ball from the start to the goal by using a series of electro-magnets.
It reminds me of an ST/Amiga game from the late 80’s (not a particular
one). There are some very nice little cinematic pieces at game start
and when you finally get to the actual game, the puzzles are fun and
well done.  
Grade B+

Farmers on Fire: This is a fun
little game where you must try to kill the other farmers with barrels
of explosives. You travel around a 2D tile-based (over head
environment) and try with out wit AI opponents or another human at the
same keyboard. I think we need more games that allow players to play
with one another at the same machine and this is a fun one. The jaunty
music and Western theme are very well. This one has oodles of classic
game play.
Grade A

World Cities: World Cities is a
pretty good little educational game. You are presented with a world map
and 10 random cities. You must click on the map where you think the
city is located and your score is based on how close you were to the
real location of each.  Really not bad at all, but some of the
interface elements are very plain.
Grade C+.

Squirroll: Squirroll is a very
well designed and implemented physics-based action game. You are a
squirrel and you are rolling on logs, holding nuts. The better you are
are rolling on the logs to your destination, the more nuts you will
have (not drop) when you get there. Everything is top class.
Grade A.

Drunken Rabbit 2: You are a
rabbit, who digs the sauce (so to speak), and you need to ingest as
many spirits as you can. This is a nicely executed physics based
platform game. It is very enjoyable and very much worth your time.
Grade B+.

Armored Corps
: Armored Corps is a little like Geometry Wars
with tanks. There are 250 levels to fight through and many extra
weapons to buy and power ups to collect.  You use the WASD
keys to move and the mouse to fire. The presentation is well done and
the game play is pretty damn good. Nice all around.
Grade B+.

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