Nintendo Chooses Sides on AS2 vs AS3 Battle: AS2 wins

Nintendo released a new updated for the Wii Internet channel that supports AS2 content, but reports itself as Flash 9.  How could this be?  Well, it’s because the new support for Flash in the Wii opera Browser is actually for Flash Lite 3.1, which supports only AS2.   It looks like good old Nintendo has decided to hold off on AS3 supports much like a lot of game developers and portals (with their APIs).

In Nintendo’s case though, it’s probably less about the fact that AS3 is AWESOME and those that don’t use it are pushing Luddite status, and more because the Wii’s limited processing power and on-board memory probably can’t support it.  Yeah, you read that: At least Nintendo has a good reason.  You other guys…I’m still not so sure.

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