Mochi Game Of The Day Review: Heat Rush

Mochi Game Of The Day Review: Heat Rush

I have been really really extra busy on a big “day-job” project that
has left the corridors of 8bitrocket towers a little empty for the last
few weeks. I miss doing all the game reviews and will commence with
more of them and more daily Mash-ups soon. In the mean time, I plan to
at least pick a Game Of The Day as often as possible.  With no
further adieu….

!!! (the exclamation points
are all mine, baby!)


OMG!! Heat Rush is a complete winner from all aspects and at every
angle. Long Animals and Astute have
created another incredibly fine game. On the heals of such instant
classics as Cyclomaniacs (a collaboration with RobotJam),
 Water Werks, and Heavy Weapons, comes a retro
arcade  racing game to beat all Flash retro racing games.
 If you have ever played the Out Run style of retro racing
games, then you know exactly what you are in for. A beautifully
crafted, fun driving game with all the hills, spills, and ambiance that
you remember from Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), Amiga, and ST classic
racing contests.


You  start in Cocoa City and must race and drive your way
through 9 more destinations, collecting 16 upgrades through
achievements.  After selecting your first destination (only
Cocoa city will be available if you have not completed any stages
before) you are treated to a loosely controlled, jauntily paced road
burner.  You can choose between 3 different radio stations (or
mute) to listen to while you drive. All of the music is very well done
and the sound effects are sparse, but effective.The game layout,
controls, and SFX bring back fond memories of long gaming session at
my  trusty old 1040ST.  As you drive you will be
amazed at the little touches and attention to detail off the side of
the road and in the sky: Sail boats, hot air balloons, clouds, trees,
and much more populate the country side. There are also numerous
different types of vehicles to contend with, the most difficult being
big slow trucks that will block your path.


My favorite part of the game is the actual sense that I am traveling
SOMEWHERE. The team has added numerous hills and a constantly adjusting
horizon that make this one better than most other Flash racers at
stimulating the sense that movement is actually occurring. There are
some funny bits too, such as the driver and his female passenger flying
out of the car to their deaths if you drive particularly poorly and
cause a major collision.  Oh, and don’t forget the very useful
“Turbo Button”!


This one needs to be played A LOT.


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