Mochi Game Of The Day Review: Castle Quest

Mochi Game Of The Day Review: Castle Quest

GAME OF THE DAY: Castle Quest

Castle Quest is a side scrolling RPG by Axis Games, where you are
tasked with hacking, slashing, and casting your way through seven
beautifully drawn levels of bad-ass retro action. You start with just a
simple sword and the ability to slash the mummies who are trying to end
your life.  The arrows keys are used to move and jump (you can
add the ability to block and then use the down arrow to do so), and the
1-6 keys are used for your offensive skills.  You simply move
forward, though the left to right scrolling levels, and fight
everything that you come into contact with.


Your job is to find the princess, who you are sure was kidnapped
by evil creatures  who have taken over the
countryside. Of course, the dense king will have none of your theory,
so it is up to you to don a sword and shield and take off on your own
to rescue her.   As you progress through the levels, you will
gain experience points to spend on both offensive and defensive talent
trees for your character.


Offensive talents range from a simple stun
punch to a super whirlwind triple attacking fandango (my adjective, not
theirs). The defensive tree starts with a simple “use shield” skill and
ends with ability to restore your own health from a fallen enemy with a
Siphon Life spell.


The game unfolds at a slow pace, but as the levels progress, you will
find each new enemy and boss to be much more difficult than the last.
The first few levels are short, but they tend to get longer as you
progress, and the difficulty ramps up at level 4 to make the game a
nice challenge for even the best arcade game RPG player.


Castle Quest is quite a fun little game, and a refreshing treat. I have
not played a Ghouls ‘N’ Ghosts or Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins style game with
RPG elements in a long time – well
maybe ever…


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