Mochi Game Of The Day Review 9/10/09: Green-Gray World (Updated) An unauthorized port of an indie PC Game?

Mochi Game Of The Day Review 9/10/09: Green-Gray World (Updated) An unauthorized port of an indie PC  Game?

: Green Gray World: Not For Losers (a stolen game?)

Note: It has been brought to my attention that this game looks and plays very much like an indie PC game called Being Struck By Lightening.  I have downloaded this game and they are almost identical.  There are some minor differences, such as level differences, but really they are 95% the same game.  So, I encourage anyone who likes this game to check out the original.

I have no idea if this version is “authorized”, but if either the original author or the author of this Flash version would contact me and tell me the whole story, I would be glad to clarify it here.  As it stands, I will give the game a review based on its merits as entertainment and a separate one based on my perception of stealing the exact look, feel, and play of an existing game.

Green Gray World (and Being Struck By Lightening): Not For Losers certainly is not a game from losers (Well, if it is stolen, I change my stance, but Lokijki, the original author, is certainly not a loser).

***** God I hope this thing is legit or I look like a total idiot here *****

Dolbyrev ( has crafted a very deceptively
simple looking, but incredibly fun little platform game that is very difficult to master (the not for losers part). The cool thing about
this game (for me at least) is that it’s better than some of the
“coins” games that are quite similar, but it’s completely free. The
presentation is very simple, but in a slick 80’s 8-bit computer way.
The game reminds me a little of Miner 2049er, Apple Panic and several other classic
platform games that had simple graphics but incredible playability.


Your job is to simply make it to the exit on each level. As
progress though the various screens (1 screen per level), the challenge
and ingenuity of each level ramps considerably. Your avatar can only
move and jump, but he has that uncanny (but awesome) classic video game
ability to change direction in the air. This is a very useful
and is necessary to master in order to finish even the simplest of
early levels.
 The first few screens  make heavy use
of springs that propel your
character up (and allow in-air direction changes) and moving platforms
that must be negotiated with care.


The pointy, triangle tiles (in major abundance)  will kill the
player if touched, so each level must be negotiated with the utmost
skill and care. Also the time and number of lives used to conquer each
screen kept visible as a devilish encouragement to continue your
progress through the levels (and play again to improve).


Eventually little enemy creatures and other hazards show up to make
each level even more difficult that the last. Green Gray World is one
of those games that  I just want to play “one more
time” to see if I can pass a level. I don’t find many like that

Note: I discourage portal owners from adding this game until we find out if it is a legitimate Flash version or an unauthorized copy.

Grade For Entertainment Value: A

Grade For Stealing IP: F -.
Even if the code is done well and the game has some added features, the art and game play are mostly identical and art can hold a copyright. You can go a long way toward good will be adding “Original Game By…” and sharing some of the revenue generated with the original author.

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