Mochi Game Review Mash-Up : September 14, 2009 (9 new games reviewed)

Mochi Game Review Mash-Up : September 14, 2009 (9 new games reviewed)

First impression mini game reviews covering a variety of the latest
Mochi games.  The grading has been toughened up a bit because
the quality of games has reached a new level in the last few months. I
have three  “coins” games, three “featured” games and three
“new games” this time. When I did the “new” games, I searched for
retro-style games first (because those are the games I like the most).

Games Reviewed: Maus Trap,
3D Car Racing Deluxe,
Apocalypse Warrior Mad Max, Zombie Mall,
Ragdoll Zombie Slayer,
Asteroid 3000,

Games Of The Day: Maus Trap:


Maus Trap is a sweet little action puzzle where you are tasked with
moving a mouse through the elaborate maze and to the exit on
each level. You do this by dragging a piece of cheese along the ground,
enticing the little guy to follow. The mice die pretty easily, so you need
to be very careful that you don’t lead them straight into any of the
various traps on each of the levels. This is one that I will come back
and play a lot.

3D Car Racing Deluxe:
 A Very nice looking, behind the car, 3D environment racing
game. This is one of the first Flash games I have played that actually
is a real 3D environment to race in. It seems to have been translated
(in some cases not) from Japanese. It plays well technically, but is
not easy steer so I lost all of my races by a huge margin. Still, to
see Flash games reaching the quality of early PSX games is very

Gerba Deadly Revenge: A
Shinobi style side scroller where you have three major weapons and
skills at your disposal: A sword, forward fire, and a sweet set of
advanced jumping skills. When you press (and hold)  up to jump you can visually see
a meter that tells you the strength of the jump. When you let go, you jump. You can even double,
triple, and quadruple jump (I think) by doing this when in the air. The
story is set in ancient Japan (or a similar real or fictional Asian
country) and you are tasked with beating your way through the various
levels to find 6 magic regents to cure the… don’t worry about the
story, just play the game. It uses coins to access some levels and I
encountered some inter-level ads.

Apocalypse Warrior Mad Max: Another
“coins” game that also gives the user the option of playing a “full 3D”
version at another web site by installing a plug-in. There are 20
levels of exploding action to conquer. The game is played with very
simple controls and is similar to the classic Operation Wolf. Instead
of being wide out in the open (as in Wolf), you are crouched behind a
barrier (tires stacks on the first level) and you simply press the space-bar
to rise up and shoot, and release to lower and re-load under cover.
When you come up from cover, you are treated to a nice looking (but
purposely desolate) landscape filled with enemy soldiers and barriers. They are
pretty smart, and take cover, as well as bring in re-enforcements in
cars and heavy weapons to blast you to bits. I found the game a decent
challenge, but not as fun as I had hoped as there isn’t
a whole lot to the action (just one key and the mouse to
fire). It certainly is technically impressive though. I found aiming a
little difficult, and died rather easily. I also can’t get behind using
the Mad Max name unless they own it (doubtful). In any case, it is a
well made game that many will find enjoyable.

Zombie Mall: A
well designed side scroller where you must walk through a cartoon
styled mall and kill all of the zombies. Zombie Mall  is a
nice production and much effort has been put into creating a quality
product. I found the game play a little simplistic, but I also enjoyed
my time playing it. You basically walk through the mall, shooting
everything that moves. For every zombie you kill, you gain money that
can be used at the convenient vending machines scattered around the
levels. At these you can buy heath, weapons and other goodies to help
you in your quest.

Ragdoll Zombie Slayer
 Just exactly what the title says. You stand on the left side
of the screen and aim your shotgun with the mouse as hordes of oncoming
zombies. Your gun has three shots and must be reloaded often. The
zombies and their destruction are beautifully crafted and a joy to
shoot! The death/speed/black metal music is highly appropriate
and I thought of Gwar the whole time I was playing. This one
is a very fun time.

Asteroid 3000:
A very nice looking  first person asteroid dodging game. I
wanted  so much for this one to include blasting, but alas, it
does not. It is well made, but the dodging can go on for just so long
before I get a little bored. It will have its audience though.

A very good looking little “lunar lander in reverse” style game. You
are placed in a sweet looking cavern and you must thrust around,
finding gems and crystals, while avoiding fire balls. The game ends
when you get hit by a fireball or run out of fuel. There is LOT of 2D
rendering going on to create the elaborate graphics, and this resulted
in some hiccups on my machine. It is a fun little game, but like some
of the others today, I wish there was a little more to do.

Rockman is an odd combination of Rockford, Apple Panic, and BoulderDash
– three very well respected classic 8-bit games. The controls are a
little odd, and the game is not easy to understand at first, but it is
still a nice little gem once you get the hang of it. Some oddities
here: The score and other text items are off the bottom of the screen.
Also, this seems like a BBC Micro, Speccy, MSX, or C64  (not
Atari 8-bit as  I have played all of those games and this is
not one of them) port or emulation in some way.

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