The Scariest/Best Flash Game Contest Ever : Revisited – UPDATED!

Almost 2 months ago we reported on what we thought might be the scariest/best Flash Game Contest ever created.

The Stonking Great Game Contest From The Escapist Magazine

Well today we received an update about the contest.  It seems that they have upped-the-ante a bit by adding a bunch of industry pros as judges to the contest.  You still don’t win very much, but at least now your work can be seen (and most likely roundly dismissed) by a bunch of industry guys.  Here is the list:

Dan Teasdale


Design Lead

Richard Dansky

Red Storm

Central Clancy Writer

R. Michael Young



Chad Dezern


Studio Director

Nate Fox

Sucker Punch

Game Director

Richard Lemarchand

Naughty Dog

Design Lead

Greg McClanahan


Director of Games

Kelly Zmack



Rusty Buchert


Senior  Producer

Nick Earl


SVP  Visceral Games

Brian Bright


Project Director

Joby Otero


Chief Creative Officer

Guha Bala

Vicarious Visions


Again, this is a game contest in which you use Zero Punctuation assets to make game. We here at do think it might be a worthwhile contest, mostly for exposure to your work.  Our advice to use an existing engine, and make sure that you use the Zero Punctuation assets in way that would make the game unique and usable only for the contest.  The contest ends on Oct. 19th. 

Does the addition of industry vets change your opinion of the contest?


We just got an email from Jeff Palumbo brand Manager for The Escapist Magazine   He wanted to clear-up a couple misconceptions:

Thank you for posting that news! I can
understand the developers’ concerns but there are a couple items people
have been fearful of that we have cleared up in our forums:

  1. The
    game is ours once it’s submitted.
    • This
      isn’t true. The only thing we want to keep is our IP, so every
      developer is welcome to use their game in any way they choose after wards,
      just as long as they take our IP out.
  2. Someone
    will steal my code.
    • We
      are only asking for code for people’s games we are looking further
      into for the event itself. We will be checking for viruses and the ability
      to put it up on our site for everyone to play. The Escapist will not do
      anything else with the code. It wouldn’t benefit our brand or
      reputation to do so.


If there are any further questions, please
feel free to email me or take a look at this post which has a lot of answered
questions in it:


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