Flash Game Development Interweb Mash-Up: Sept. 27, 2009

Game Development Interweb Mash-Up: Sep. 27, 2009


has been quite an interesting 3 weeks since the last mash-up. The new ‘day job’
web site launched after 9 months of corporate hand wringing, scope changes, and
development disasters. It came out nicely, but is still keeping me slaving away
for 12 hours days with bugs, production issues, content updates, and of course
all the additional features we had to move to that mythical ‘Phase 2’ that we
all know is every single day after the initial launch. I have received a lot of
email from you guys over the last few weeks, so I will attempt to cover as many
of your worthy links as possible, but I am not going to go too far in the past.
I have a few of these planned for this week before I move on to chapters 9 and
10 in the book, so there is no need to cover everything I missed in one
mash-up. So, this time we will start slowly and gain momentum as we go. With no
further ramblings, let’s start with the Game Of The Day…


Game Of The Day:The Deepening by the Duncan Brothers.

deepening is a ‘select’ your own multimedia adventure game. It consists a cold
open video sequence that introduces the player to the game story through 2-3
minute live action video reminiscent of the best Beastie Boys videos, sans
awesome tunes (well, the music isn’t bad actually), but avec tres hammy acting (but it rocks!). Once you get to the
Nintendo-esque title screen, you can choose to see
another live action ‘Mission Briefing’ just a bad (in a good way) as the cold
open. You choose to portray either agent Stevenson or Bukowski

on your missions. Stevenson seems to be equipped with fruit and teddy bears,
while Bukowski sports knives and automatic weaponry.
The game plays out in a series of these sequences where the agents must infiltrate
a terrorist organization, save captives and perform other missions. The 8-bit
feel that surrounds the video sequences is very well done, while the game play
consists of multiple-choice questions that lead to some pretty funny a creative


is it a great game? Not particularly. It is a great movie, not really. But it
is very fun and well done, and will not be a waste of your time. As a package,
the different elements are very creative and some actual money was spent in
putting this one together. I really enjoyed my time with this game.

Grade B+

MochiMini Game Reviews

the deal with the game reviews: When I review the ‘Coins and Features Mochi games, most of them are pretty good and get good
ratings. This time I am going to focus on five of the non-featured and
non-‘coins games that have a retro feel. Good or bad, these are the ones I
found and decided to give space to. Of course if a game happens to be new, and
featured, it can still show up here, but I won’t look for them in the featured


Soldier: A Commando style game with updated
visuals and sounds. Now, this is how to do a re-make or tribute. Don’t steal
the tile sheet from the original; make your own sweet graphics and mimic
classic game play style. This one reminds me of the great Leather Necks title
we had on the Atari ST. If you like Commando, Frontline or even Contra (even
though this one scrolls up), you will like this one too. Quality
all around.

Grade B+


Meteorite Hunter: You take the good you take the bad, you take ‘em both there you have…This Game. Take (what I think) is
a Glenn Rhodes book game (the good) and make a cheap knock-off for Mochi (the bad). I am sorry if I am wrong about this being
an exact copy of the Glenn Rhodes’ game, so if it isn’t, please let me know. As
a tech demo for pseudo-bitmap 3D, it is impressive (for 2004).  But ss an actual
game to put ads in, it’s not very good.

Grade D.

Flash Hound: This is an interesting space shooter
that I am just too lame to understand. Everything is well presented, but the
controls make the game very difficult to play. It is a little like Star Castle
in reverse on a scrolling play field, mixed with Arkanoid
(if that makes any sense). I really wish I GOT this one more because it looks
and sounds great, and the ideas are very unique. I just didn’t have much fun
playing it.
Grade C.

8BIT Infinity: There in nothing infinite about
this little retro shooter. At least to me, that is, as none of my games lasted
more that 10-20 seconds. It is a fun little blaster with tiny graphics and no
sound. I like it, but it could be much much better.
Grade C-.


A fine little 360 degree scrolling shooter that let’s the player obtain quite a
few cool power ups. The presentation is pretty well done, the sound is good,
and the game play is pretty fun.
Grade B-.



Blogs, Articles, Forum
Posts, and other nonsense (not many this time, but I will catch up this week).


Squize and nGfx have a
TD game in the works.

I’m not a HUGE Tower Defense Game Fan, but I am a huge fan of R & O and the
thing they do best (make games of course).  If they have a TD game coming out, I’m sure I’ll play it more
than most. Check out the bottom of this post for the current details on this and other games
they have in the works.


What’s going on over a PhotonStrom
(not Photostorm)

Rich has released a new game, Star Fish. It’s a sweet little under-sea
collecting game with all the professional polish that you can expect from a Rich.
Plus, our friends over at  RobotJamGames
sponsored it! That’s cool all the way around. Rich also has a class that encapsulates the GetDefinitionByName util class in Flash for use in instantiating dynamically
names library items. I cover this ground the book I am writing, but Rich’s
version is much better! Damn you cheeky Brits =)


Colby and Panayoti

have done good with Ginger
Colby and Panayoti have released Ginger, an
API for Bitmap animation
that will all at once make most of the tutorials
on this site useless =) It is a very well done library that covers a lot of the
ground I am going to cover in the book, but for free! This
darn Internet.


Off Topic:


Hot Chicks with Violins (and a
drummer) Cover System Of The Down’s Toxicity
(awesomely by the way!)


will cover much more this week, So don’t be disappointed
if your blog didn’t show up yet. It’s late and I’m tired.



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