Mochi Game Of The Day Review: Arthropod Armada By Rocketslap

Mochi Game Of The Day Review: Arthropod Armada  By Rocketslap

Arthropod Armada
is a very well done side
scrolling blaster in the R-Type genre. Instead of a piloting a space
ship an
organic alien underworld, you are a  flying bug soldier on a
mission to defend
your homeland from evil imperial armada. You are equipped of
some sort with a sweet
tail weapon that fires over your own head and forward. The visual style
very reminiscent of the older Road Runner cartoons with less color
saturation and more swatches of soft pastels. At first glance it
certainly don’t look like the kick-ass blaster that is turns out to
be, but once you start playing, you are in for a retro arcade treat.


You begin the game as a cute little bug sporting an armored helmet and
the single shot
kick ass blaster, scrolling over an outdoor landscape. Soon you
are confronted with a series of nicely animated bugs who attack in
formation. Your blaster annihilates them with very satisfying pop but
they come back in stronger numbers and on more varied
are you progress. You will find sweet power-ups and multiple well
crafted bosses along the way.


Arthropod Armada is a very fun, retro-style game with a great look and
an appreciation of the classics. It is the first Mochi game by
(and the RocketSlap
). I certainly hope it is
not the last.

Grade B+.

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