Flash Indie Game Interweb Mash-up (plus Mochi Game reviews): October 6, 2009

Flash Indie Game Interweb Mash-up (plus Mochi Game reviews): October 6, 2009

I have a lot of updates that I have been putting off, so I will try to quickly squeeze them in here today…

Book Update:
Working on a book is hard. No whining here, just a statement because I have not had time to look over the blogs and games for a week and do a Mash-Up. I have almost completed my game for chapter 10 of our upcoming Friends Of Ed Book, Essential Flash Games. The chapter deals with creating an arcade, 2D overhead driving game in a tile-base, blitted, scrolling world. I am currently having a few collisions detection issues, and need to create a couple classes for some new screen types, but I should be complete today and and on to writing the text of the chapter.

Mochi Game Of The Day: Blaster Force By LongAnimals
My love of retro vector games holds no bounds, so when I encountered this little gem from LongAnimals today, I had to pick it as my game of the day. It is a simple contest where your fly an ship Asteroids-style through a top-down scrolling environment. Your job is to blast everything, and not let your ship hit the walls or fall off the bottom of the screen.


While it doesn’t hold up against other LongAnimals games in terms of sheer brilliance and long play time, it is elegant in it simplicity and I took time to play it more than three to 4 times, which is a record over the last few weeks.
Grade B.

Other Mochi Games That Caught My Eye (mostly retro-style games if I can find them)

Run Bobby Run – I have to admit, this was the first LongAnimals game I played today, but Blaster Force caught my eye with it simplicity. This one is a work of art – literally. It is an art-based game where you man a helicopter flying behind “Bobby”. Your job is to protect him by shooting to bombs and other ordinance that is dropping from the sky as he runs. While it isn’t as deep as Cyclomanics or as retro-tastic as Blaster Force, it certainly is fun an very well made. Plus the music is awesome.
Grade B.

Bloons Insanity Pack – More Bloons, with fucking ridiculously difficult levels. It still kicks ass.
Grade B

Blade Striker: A fantastic military helicopter arcade, mission based blaster. Think of all the great 8 and 16 bit arcade, side scrolling helicopter games, mix them up, add in some shop levels and missions and you will get Blade Striker. Sweet.
Grade B+

Holy Crap, Ninjas! – A funny little hand-drawn platform game. Nothing excitingly different game-play wise, but humorous and interesting to see where it goes. The only problem I had was trying to use my left-hand with the WAD (no S) controls. It was odd, but worked ok once I got the hang of it.
Grade C+

Gobstoppers – Is a remake of the Sierra classic Jawbreaker (I think II) with a slightly different name. It look and plays very similar to the original. I was a fan of the Atari 800 original (and 2600 version that looked more like this one). It’s hard to say if the visuals are an IP problem as they are so rudimentary. I love little re-makes and this one is pretty cool.
Grade C+.


Blogs, Sites and other Insanity (a quick look through the world of Flash India Gaming)

GamingYourWay: I can’t wait to play the Destroy All Cars game, and even though Steve covered this yesterday, it Flash apps compiled to the iPhone deserves as many posts as possible.

PhotonStorm: Richard outdoes all of us Retro-heads with his brilliant 16-bit game / demo, Dark Cubes. Pure Zarjaz! Plus, this 3D pixel art modeler (Qubicle) will have me up at nights. Sweeeeet.

Mochiland: An excellent wrap up of the chat with Sean Cooper (of Powermonger, Flood, and other excellent 16-bit games, as well as Flash gems like Shadez),

Urbansqual: They guys have been working on some TMNT promo games and they look very very cool.

Emanuele: This dude is a very prolific Italian. Lots of Box2d (Rope) and Facebook (Beginners Guide) sweetness as always. If you don’t visit this site once a day, you will miss out.

Flash Perfection: How to Build a Mini-Golf Game in AS3 by George Loffelmann

Porter’s World: The prince has a great list of music sources, and a discussion of classic games that is near and dear to my heart!

Iain Lobb :Iain’s discussion on game design (3 minutes in heaven?) from Flash on The Beach. Are you an Outlier?

Time Fcuk:Fcuking Masterpiece!

Germart:Flash The Love Letter Music Video (T-Pain Style): My god this is brilliant.

Captian Crash:Sweet, brilliant game from Chaz and Dr. Robot. The music is especially fucking fantastic – nice song, Morgan King!

Off Topic:

– Have I mentioned the Hitler Kitties before?
– This guy took the tsunami head on and surfed it!

As always, check out www.flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose.

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