Indie Flash Game Development Inter-Web Mash-up: November 3, 2009 (including Flash Game Distribution Reviews)

Indie Flash Game Development Inter-Web Mash-up: November 3, 2009 (including Flash Game Distribution Reviews)

There is a lot of cool new stuff to cover, so with no further delay here is a survey of my favorite sites, games, and blogs. We start with some Flash Game Distribution reviews:

Flash Game Distribution Reviews:
Game of The Week: Zip Zap


Zip Zap is an awesome classic Defender style arcade game with a style and presentation all it own. Sweet sweet Zar Jaz!
Grade: 90% Retrotastic!

Rag Doll Pirates: Fire cannon balls at attacking pirates. The music, SFX and presentation are high quality. The game is pretty fun.
Grade 80% Retrotastic

Spectromancer: A very made crafted card battle game that looks like a PC game. The file is large, but the presentation is well worth the wait.
Grade 85% Retrotastic

Mad Jack’s Pumpkin Bash: A well made little retro style dodging game with 8-bit graphics, nice sounds and a Halloween theme.
Grade 75% Retrotastic

zBall: A scrolling physics-based action game. Bounce the ball down the hills made up of retro style outdoor platforms. It’s well made, but difficult.
Grade 74% Retrotastic

Death Wizard: This action, adventure, side scrolling, shooter / platformer / beat-em-up with magical powers has pretty much everything you could want in a free action game. It looks and plays a little like an ST or Amiga gem.
Grade: 85% Retrotastic.

Sites, Blogs, Etc Squize and nGfx have been busy with some interesting updates lately. First we have a Flash tutorial on how to do the George Lucas style screen transition wipes from the original Star Wars movie. Next, try out their awesome physics-based smash ’em up, Destroy All Cars. Squize’s work in progress on Ionic looks amazing and I can’t wait top play. It has Megadrive and Amiga written all over it. The logo is very sweet as well. It certainly doesn’t have that “Hey guys, I made this in my warez version of Flash CS4”, now does it. These guys know their shit backwards, forwards, inside and out. Richard has posted the much needed (by me) beginner’s guide to Christian Corti’s AS3 SoundTracker library, FLOD. The examples can be used in Flex/Flash Develop or in the Flash IDE to control playback and process Amiga MOD files. Also, Richard’s excellent Kyobi game (re-titled Touch & Go) is now a free iPhone game. has a post on the cool Pulse Multiplayer Games API. This seems to be a lot like Electrotank’s EUP. has a brand new game they designed for Ubisoft called Rabbids To The Moon. This is a K-RAZY awesome game in the Rabbid’s universe where you are tasked with collecting as much human junk as you can to build a tower to the moon. has the usual incredible selection of great posts on subject like: Social Gold’s new in-game payments system. and tutorials on how to make a Stabilize style game in Box2D (part 1 and part 2). is been updated with some cool useful general Flash trinkets like: Centering A MovieClip based on browser size, Creating a simple accordion menu. There is also a very nice little post on what software you can choose from to make games and Flash/Flex applications when moving from AS2 to AS3. Also Happy Birthday,! has a sweet little tutorial on Parallax scrolling, and his very detailed tutorial series on making an Avoider style game has been translated into Spanish. Iain just posted the Game Developers Radio Podcast – Flash Games Design Special that includes him, Ryan Hensen Creighton, Daniel Cook, and Edmund McMillen. Speaking of Ryan Hensen, he has posted a very well done and useful piece on creating your own game studio: Running a Game Studio: From Start-Up to Sustainability.

Happy Jacks:
-Mochi’s Flash Game Friday turns into a Monthly contest;
Flash games on cell phone memory cards;
-If you have some spare time and want to make .000001 per hour, how about applying for this $100 offer to make a Street Fighter Clone in Flash. Ridiculous.

As always, for your daily dose.

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