Indie Flash Game Development Inter-Web Mash-up: November 3, 2009 (including Flash Game Distribution Reviews)

Indie Flash Game Development Inter-Web Mash-up: November 3, 2009 (including Flash Game Distribution Reviews)

There is a lot of cool new stuff to cover, so with no further delay here is a survey of my favorite sites, games, and blogs. We start with some Flash Game Distribution reviews:

Flash Game Distribution Reviews:
Game of The Week: Zip Zap


Zip Zap is an awesome classic Defender style arcade game with a style and presentation all it own. Sweet sweet Zar Jaz!
Grade: 90% Retrotastic!

-Rag Doll Pirates: Fire cannon balls at attacking pirates. The music, SFX and presentation are high quality. The game is pretty fun.
Grade 80% Retrotastic

-Spectromancer: A very made crafted card battle game that looks like a PC game. The file is large, but the presentation is well worth the wait.
Grade 85% Retrotastic

-Mad Jack's Pumpkin Bash: A well made little retro style dodging game with 8-bit graphics, nice sounds and a Halloween theme.
Grade 75% Retrotastic

-zBall: A scrolling physics-based action game. Bounce the ball down the hills made up of retro style outdoor platforms. It's well made, but difficult.
Grade 74% Retrotastic

-Death Wizard: This action, adventure, side scrolling, shooter / platformer / beat-em-up with magical powers has pretty much everything you could want in a free action game. It looks and plays a little like an ST or Amiga gem.
Grade: 85% Retrotastic.

Sites, Blogs, Etc

GamingYourWay.com: Squize and nGfx have been busy with some interesting updates lately. First we have a Flash tutorial on how to do the George Lucas style screen transition wipes from the original Star Wars movie. Next, try out their awesome physics-based smash 'em up, Destroy All Cars. Squize's work in progress on Ionic looks amazing and I can't wait top play. It has Megadrive and Amiga written all over it. The logo is very sweet as well. It certainly doesn't have that "Hey guys, I made this in my warez version of Flash CS4", now does it. These guys know their shit backwards, forwards, inside and out.

PhotonStorm.com: Richard has posted the much needed (by me) beginner's guide to Christian Corti's AS3 SoundTracker library, FLOD. The examples can be used in Flex/Flash Develop or in the Flash IDE to control playback and process Amiga MOD files. Also, Richard's excellent Kyobi game (re-titled Touch & Go) is now a free iPhone game.

FreelanceFlashGames.com has a post on the cool Pulse Multiplayer Games API. This seems to be a lot like Electrotank's EUP.

UrbanSqual.com has a brand new game they designed for Ubisoft called Rabbids To The Moon. This is a K-RAZY awesome game in the Rabbid's universe where you are tasked with collecting as much human junk as you can to build a tower to the moon.

EmanueleFeronato.com has the usual incredible selection of great posts on subject like: Social Gold's new in-game payments system. and tutorials on how to make a Stabilize style game in Box2D (part 1 and part 2).

FreeActionscript.com is been updated with some cool useful general Flash trinkets like: Centering A MovieClip based on browser size, Creating a simple accordion menu. There is also a very nice little post on what software you can choose from to make games and Flash/Flex applications when moving from AS2 to AS3. Also Happy Birthday, FreeActionscript.com!

Michaeljameswilliams.com has a sweet little tutorial on Parallax scrolling, and his very detailed tutorial series on making an Avoider style game has been translated into Spanish.

blog.iainlobb.com: Iain just posted the Game Developers Radio Podcast - Flash Games Design Special that includes him, Ryan Hensen Creighton, Daniel Cook, and Edmund McMillen.

Untoldentertainment.com: Speaking of Ryan Hensen, he has posted a very well done and useful piece on creating your own game studio: Running a Game Studio: From Start-Up to Sustainability.

Happy Jacks:
-Mochi's Flash Game Friday turns into a Monthly contest;
-Flash games on cell phone memory cards;
-If you have some spare time and want to make .000001 per hour, how about applying for this $100 offer to make a Street Fighter Clone in Flash. Ridiculous.

As always, www.flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose.

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