SFXR native in Mac OS and AS3!

SFXR native in Mac OS and AS3!

I installed Windows 7 on my Bootcamp drive this last weekend. There were a few pitfalls, such as getting BlueTooth devices to work properly (black magic), but it was mostly painless. To start up work on the games book again, I needed to re-install all  of my usual development tools. Everything from FlashDevelop to Paint.net worked fine, with the exception of the wonderful 8-bit sound generator, SFXR.  Originally created by DrPetter for a Ludum Dare weekend game contest over 2 years ago, this incredible tool has now been ported to multiple platforms, including MAC OS and AS3! No longer do I have to rely on Windows for all of my best free tools.

The great site, Woolyss Chipmusic, has a zip of all the version ports for you to play with.

You can use the AS3 version online without downloading anything. Written by Tomas Pettersson, you can read all about it on the great SuperFlashBrothers blog. Plus, the code is open source, so you can add sound generation directly to your own games.

Sweet Sweet 8-bit Zarjaz!

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