Indie Flash Game Development Inter-Web Mash-up: November 12, 2009 (including Mochi Reviews)

Indie Flash Game Development Inter-Web Mash-up: November 12, 2009 (including Mochi Reviews)

This week I have paid some extra attention to checking out the games by some of my favorite developers (Robot Jam, Long Animals, and Alillm). I also have a set of Mochi game reviews and a lot of cool links from a variety of sites.

Sites, Blogs, Etc

What’s new with Long Animals and Robot Jam?
I have been off writing my book with Steve and have not had much to to keep in contact with my all favorite developers. Robot Jam and Long Animals always have good stuff coming out. Run Bobby Run (LongAnimals) is a game I had the pleasure of testing out early in it infancy. It is a very fun little “protection game” mixed with an arcade shooter. I’m pretty sure Julian was an ST and Amiga developer back in the day. Check out Gravity Pig for a little beasties game the even Minter would be proud of.Over at Robot Jam (they work together a lot also), there is a new Blog entry up for Sniper Year 2. This puzzle solving, sniping shooter is a must play!


Run Bobby Run in action

What’s new with Alillm Games?
Alistair Maunder is another great game designer / developer who basically makes all of game types that I love. Check out the splendid Pyroblossom for a taste. Rage mode has the Zar Jaz (see pic below)! The music is particularly cool. Hash is also a relatively new little retro arcader that I find my self going back to all the time.


Pyroblossom in action

What Iain up to?
Iain has a very cool blog post up on using GIT and GITHUB for source control Windows (I needed this today!!!). He also reviews Bloodwych for the Atari ST and Amiga. Steve and I had this game and played the hell out of it in 1990. Also, Iain is probably kicking himself for agreeing to be the tech reviewer for our book because the first few chapters (the ones he has) were a complete slog to write. They were the first ones and they are all over the map. I assume they are a complete slog to read and will need multiple revisions before they become readable. Sorry Iain.

Little Fits Of Zar Jaz::
– A little Silver Light Gaming Anyone? How about Avios, a Wings Of Fury (classic 8-bit 80’s computer game) clone. Much effort was put into this one. There are a lot of control keys, but it should be worth your time if you played the original.

– Dave Munsie (Atari ST PD game god) has a couple new Christmas demos games up on his site.

– Flash Chaz has posted the Mochi Bot stats for his Captain Crash game.

– I still can’t wait to heap praise of Squize’s Ionic

– Richard Davey let’s us in on the secret location of some sweet sweet ear candy

– Allen Chou (CJ) has a nice Push Button Engine game demo

– Emanuele has an interesting case study of a game (Bomb Digger) that gives the player extra features if played on the official site.

– Free Actionscript’s Player Movement With Velocity (free code).

Mochi Game Reviews:

Classic Pacman: How much more wrong can one game be? This is the Neave version of Pacman with his credit removed. Also, good luck not being sued by Namco.
Grade: 0% Retrotastic

Flalls: The sweet little game is like a reverse version of pong. You have a moveable “blade of grass” in the middle of the screen with a opening. On each side of the opening are a blue and and orange homes for your Flalls. Your job is to move the blade of grass and let the correct color Flalls move to their home side of the screen. This is a well crafted deceptively fun little game.
Grade 80% Retrotastic

The Bubbles Strike Back: This is a Pang! like game. It looks pretty good for what is there, but isn’t deep enough to really make a splash. I had fun playing it for a few minutes though, and the idea is a good one.
Grade 70% Retrotastic

Galaxy Wars: For the sake of the universe: Galaxy Wars is a very well done action / arcade game where you must protect the planet and your ship with a rotating orb that must be flung (physics-based) at enemy targets. The entire package is very high quality, but I just couldn’t find a way for the controls to make the game fun. Something was lost for me, but I am sure others will find it to be a cool title.
Grade 80% Retrotastic

Running Free: Running Free is a simple, but well made little black and white stick figure platform running game. There certainly are many games like this out there, and this one doesn’t add much that is new. There are 100’s of Asteroids clones too, and I play each one for its own merits, so this genre should be no different. I had a fun few minutes with it, but wish I could “double jump”.
Grade 82% Retrotastic

What’s new at 8bitrocket?
– Flash Game Distribution Reviews via video podcast.
– Updates to the Sleep-Based Active Render Game Timer Loop
– Mochi Game Reviews via video podcast
– Using CamStudio to record Flash game play video
– SFXR does not work on Win 7, but does in HTML (AS3) and on the Mac

As always, for your daily dose.

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