Bruce On Games: You don't want to work in the video game industry

This is great!  The same Bruce who is fighing off a libel lawsuit aginast makers of Evony (read: Bruce appears to be the victim in this one) has a new article called You don’t want to work in the video game industry where he lists 12 really good reasons why you should look elsewhere for employment.  My favorites:

  • Being keen about video games is no qualification whatsoever for working in the industry. Being a good computer programmer or artist is a much better basis. Even better is to be very good at maths. Game companies want people with the skills to make games and being an enthusiast isn’t a skill.
  • If the wages are bad then the working conditions are worse. Crunch is a widespread practice in the industry. Huge numbers of hours of unpaid overtime.
  • Career advancement is typically very, very slow. This is because most of the jobs are at a similar level, programming and creating art.
  • You can read the rest here: You don’t want to work in the video game industry

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