Retro Game Insipration Podcast #1 : Atari 7800 Food Fight

Retro Game Insipration Podcast #1 : Atari 7800 Food Fight

I am planning to make a new “re-skinnable” game engine based on the Atari 7800 (and arcade) game by Atari.GCC called Food Fight.

I will be looking for a Pixel Artist to help re-skin it and put it up for license, so let me know if you are interested (that means you, Ace, Ari, Mark, or anyone else with some skillz and some free time).

The next Podcast on this will show a demo of the engine.

Here are some links for futher reading:

GCC Photo Archive (some really cool stuff here)

Atari Museum’s 7800 Section (very extensive,)

Food Fight 7800 Prototype (

Atari Age Food Fight Cart Page

Atari Mania XE Game System Food Fight Page

The KLOV Food Fight Arcade game page


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