Mochi "Doofus" and "Talent" game reviews of the day: Dec 8, 2009

Mochi “Doofus” and “Talent” game reviews of the day: Dec 8, 2009

Today we are going to pick two Mochi games to review. One will be the
“Talent” game. This game will be my favorite game of the day. The “Doofus” game
of the day will be one that needs a little constructive criticism (to say the



8bit Little Killer

8bit Little Killer is a retro styled chain-reaction arcade fun-fest! You move your little green ship about the screen with the arrows (or WASD) and press the space-bar to create retro-styled chain-reaction zar jaz!


The music, sfx, and game play are all top of the line. The combos arcade action is quite pleasing. This one is a keeper! Don’t miss it.
Grade: 85% Retrotastic

Doofus: The influx of mature rated bad games: Example:

Amazing Puzzle: The Snake


I don’t just want to pick on the “Snake” game here, I also want to point out a few problems with these games in general. There is nothing really special about the game-play, and that’s ok. I don’t really get the game, but I have made enough simple games that have done well to understand that simplicity can sometimes make a great game. The fact that after reading the instructions and trying the the game a few times I still have no idea what to do is a frustrating aside, but the real problem is with the “mature” concept in general. When we played “mature” games as teens on or Speccys, Amigas, STs, C64s and the like it was because we really didn’t have any other avenue to see this type of content. There really we not many games like this to choose from other than a few grainy strip poker variants and some badly digitized photos. That was it. You had to be pretty desperate to see some “skin” to play a game like this. The point was that there really was no other place to see this type of stuff (computer-wise), so it was slightly interesting to have a peek.

That’s not the case today. If someone wants to see a naked picture there is no need to play a game to see badly scanned, probably stolen (I don’t know about this game) pictures. They are everywhere on the inter-web. The game better be worth playing without the “mature” content because this type of content really is not a reward. This game is not.

Grade: 25% Retrotastic

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