Merry Retro Gaming Christmas Inter-web Mash-Up from

Merry Retro Gaming Christmas  Inter-web Mash-Up from

Here are some retro-gaming Christmas treats for your viewing / reading
First some Christmas related retro gaming commercials and then some retro gaming
Christmas stories and finally a survey of some of the new Mochi Flash Christmas
games I could find.

First up is a collection of retro gaming Christmas commercials. This one is
pretty Tandy and Radio Shack centric, but Atari, Sega, Nintendo and others are represented
as well. This one is provided by YouTube user

You will find some cool little stocking stuffers in there:

1. The Tandy 1000
2. The Radio Shack Color Computer 3
3. The Odyssey 2
4. A treasure trove of classic Tandy hand-held games: King Man, Zak Man, and the
amazing 1 or 3 player Alien Chase game.
5. The GameBoy Pocket + games: Ken Griffy Jr. Baseball, Tetris Plus, and Donkey
Kong Land 3.
6. The Sega Genesis Core System + 4 games I’m having trouble naming: A Fighting
Game, A Tazmanian Devil Game, A Mickey Game, and a first person Sonic game.

7. The Nintendo 64 + Zelda 64, Turok, Soth Pak, Rogue Squadron.
8. The Sega Master System + Super Hang On, Gangster Alley (?), Transbot.
99 The Atari 2600 ET commercial

Next up is an absolutely brilliant commercial provided by YouTube user
This one includes a special Mr. T treat at the beginning and then a true set of
great Atari 2600 games: Ms Pac-man and Jungle Hunt. This was near the end of the
original Atari’s reign and its sad that some of the best games were just

Retro Gaming Christmas Stories

1. 8bitsteve’s
Christmas Ever
(Atari 800)
2. 8bitsteve’s
Top 3 Worst
Christmas video games presents
: Jaguar, ActionMax, and Coleco Shooting
3. 8bitsteve’s
Atari 7800

4. Retrogaming
Times Monthly: Dec 2009
has a couple very good retro gaming Christmas
stories – Odyssey 2, Atari Carts: Real Sports Volleyball, Frogger, Donkey Kong,
Star Wars, ET. Also exploiting the 1984 Christmas return policies.
The Gamers’ 12 Days of Christmas
(lots of cool retro stuff in this one).

My Atari Christmas (SCRAM)
– Miner 2049er, SCRAM, The Atari 400 +classic
commercials and more…
Atari Christmas page of the 1980 JC Penny Catalog


Tech Christmas Nostalgia
:: Lots of systems listed – Texas Instruments TI
-99/4A, Atari 5200, Nintendo NES & Sega Master System, Tandy 1000-SL, and Sega

Christmas Nerd Style:
Sears Catalog Pages for Atari, Star Wars and more from

A real Christmas Miracle story
that also includes and Atari game system.

 Three New Mochi Flash Christmas Game Capsule Reviews:

Most Christmas games are jigsaw puzzles, dress-ups or quickly re-decorated
catch style games. These were sifted out from those…

Xmas Frenzy
– Sweet little retro platformer. Jump on the heads. Nice
considering the rest of the crap I have looked at today.
2. Xmas
–   A well done  “Bloons” style game sort of in
reverse. Nice touches all around.
Ninja Santa
– Stay on the screen while it scrolls up by jumping on platforms
and throwing stars at Ninjas. It doesn’t have much to do with Christmas, but its
late and I’m tired. Merry Christmas everyone!


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