8bitrocket Inter-Media Mash-Up: January 28, 2010

8bitrocket Inter-Media Mash-Up: January 28, 2010

Its no secret that I have had my head buried in the proverbial sand over the last month, slogging through page after page of revisions on the book we are writing. I have not had too much time to visit blogs and have not visited a message board other than BigSoccer.com in a number of weeks. But, the lovely folks who fill up my in-box daily have sent me a few good links, and also I have squeezed out a few minutes to play, view, listen to, read, and consume media (including Flash Games) of all sorts (in small digestible pieces) that might be of interest to some readers. Here is what I have been taking a look at, in no particular order…

Bit Trip Beat
I finally played this game. I know, Steve reviewed it a few months back, and I did play it for a few minutes then, but I never purchased it. I downloaded the demo from Wiiware and was hooked from the first twist of the Wiimote. What an awesomely retro Pong style game filled with the ZarJaz I love. I instantly purchased the whole thing but have not had time play it again. If you have not had the pleasure, you should check it out on youtube.

They Used Our Stuff…
We get emails form time to time from people who have used our music loops. Super cool reader, Tom Lupkey made a commercial for Louisiana Hot Sauce for a contest. It’s up on youtube. He used one of our music loops in it. It’s pretty funny.

Worm Heroes Flash Game
Worm Heroes is a very well crafted, fun arcade puzzler. It is one of those games where you fire off a projectile from the bottom of the screen and as it travels through the environment it collides with elements that change its direction. The projectiles are are worms and the element are rocks and other items in a garden. You job is to collect apples and dodge the enemy critters and collect power ups. It’s a fun little contest made by www.cheesecakegames.com

Mitomane’s Llama Glama Flash Game
Inspired my Minter’s Llamatron, Mitomane’s latest, Llama Glama, is a fun retro arcade game. You Llama is a hero, flying through space, saving innocent animals and shooting at the bad mutant animals. Collect power-ups and blast away!

Michael James Williams Beginner Blitting Tutorials
I plan to write some new tutorials on blitting and other game related topics once the book is released. In the mean time Michael James Williams is writing up a very nice one that will be available on the Adobe site. Check Michel’s blog for news about the drop date. Also check out his other great stuff while you are there.

I purchased and downloaded my first Xbox Live Indie game I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 is simply awesome! If you have an account you can download a demo and the purchase cost is only $1.00 (80 points). It is well worth your time for some 2-d Zombie blasting action.

Vampire Baseball v. Quiddich v. Pyramid
So I complained about the original Twilight film last week without ever having seen it. I finally had a chance to watch about 75% of it. I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t that awful. There were some cute girls some good action, but far too much brooding. The best part was the Vampire Baseball. Now, it was COMPLETELY out of place and silly, but is was much better than Quddich as a made up sport. Neither are as sweet as Battlestar Galactica Pyramid though.

Mad Dog Mcree (Wii)
Steve and I each picked this title up for the Wii (actually we each gave a copy to the other as a Birthday present). The reviews for it are awful, but I find it kind of fun. The Wii Zapper now has more than 1 use. The acting is awful and the game is more repetitive than Activition Laser Blast, I still get a kick out of it. We had it on the PC years ago and I also remember playing it in an arcade in Pismo Beach years ago.

Katy Perry has quite a set of…Lungs
Until recently I only knew Katy Perry as the generously chested, kinda cute girl who sings about cherry Chapstick. I stumbled across an acoustic concert of hers on one of the Dish Network HD channels that they stick way up above the pay movie channels, but before the sports (a set of channels desperate for viewers). I think it was HD Sound Stage. Anyway, she was dressed exceeding cute. covered in glitter, with her ample cleavage bursting at the seams. I figured it was going to be utter crap…but it wasn’t. She covered one of my favorite songs, Hackensack, by Fountains of Wayne. Anyway, my wife got me her CD for my birthday. I have to say the songs are very well written and produced and she sounds little like a more feminine Pink. Pretty good, but not for everybody.

Mochi Was Purchased
It seems they were bought by suspected Chinese Gold Farmers. I have no idea if this is true, but it makes for a good story. Supposedly there was a chat today about it on Mochi. Some of our concerns were addressed. It seems that the new company is into indie games and probably doesn’t want to do any thing to jeopardize what Mochi has built. Cool.

iPod Touch
I finally got one of these little babies and I am loving all the free apps. My son especially love the Bubble Warp app. Now, if someone who has made a sweet retro game wants me to play or review it, send me a link. If you know of one that I MUST purchase, send that over too.

Landon Donovan In Never-Everton Land
Favorite American footie player finally opened his Premier League account against Sunderland. I didn’t get to see the game as WORK was in the way and I forgot to DVR it. In any case, here is the video from SoccerByIves.

That’s it for this week.

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