Flash Inter-Web Mash-Up Feb 15, 2010: The Mail bag.

Flash Inter-Web Mash-Up Feb 15, 2010: The Mail bag.

I have received an interesting array of emails over the last 2 weeks, some good, some bad, some CGA with speaker sound… (all of these are the good ones).

Ace’s Retro Picks:
First let’s take a look at some New Grounds retro style games that “our man on the street”, Ace “The Super Villian” has found.

THE BEST FLASH GAME EVER (According to Ace). 
Level Up! It’s a platformer where you have a number of skills such as jump, run, healing, knowledge, relationship, etc. that you can level up as you use them.  At first it’s just fun little gem gathering and chatting with the amnesiac hero guy, but a more sinister vibe becomes apparent as you go along.  It’s made by Titch using the Flixel Engine and has a very nice pixely graphical style and Cave Story -esque gameplay.  I’d recommend setting aside an hour or so for this game, though you can save and come back. 
Jeff’s take: This is a sweet sweet game. I will be playing it for a while!

One Button Bob:    This is a lot like Wario Ware if you’ve done that, but the visuals remind me of Pitfall a bit.  You click the mouse to do various tasks.  I thought it would be like press Space to Win, but it’s much more skill oriented than that one.
Jeff’s Take: A very clever retro styled game where the left mouse button performs a single different action on each screen.

Score: This is an adult oriented text input game like king’s quest or hugo.  Retro, but notably sleazy.  You’re at a bar and try to get with a girl.  There’s no nudity.  
Jeff’s Take: Well made, funny, but difficult.

Infectonator: World Domination:   This is totally awesome.  You play as some sort of evil genius trying to take over the world’s major cities with a zombie virus.  You can also acquire special units like zombie MJ, zombie Colonel Sandars and zombie Ronald McDonald.  I know that the backgrounds are stolen (RPGM XP) but I don’t recognize the zombie sprites.  This is most definitely my favorite of the batch.  
Jeff’s Take: Retrotastic score of 95%

Zombie Valentines:   Movie, not a game.  I was very disappointed by that, but it’s still funny.  
Jeff’s Take: I’ll but that for a dollar.

Steven Savage’s Fan to Pro
The Fan To Pro site is an excellent resource for all things in the neighborhood of Geektown. The 100+ resources for Video Game Professionals is a nice list that everyone should take a look at. He is even “self-publishing” a book on the subject of Fan To Pro. The site contains pod casts and more and it certainly deserves some of your attention.

The Second Annual Flash Gaming Summit
Mochi is putting on the Flash Gaming Summit for the second year in a row. It will be at the UC San Francisco Mission Bay Conference Center on March 8. It will include the “Mochis” award ceremony, as well as many panels and discussions with industry heavy weights such as: Adobe, Flash Game License, Kongregate, Candy Stand, Armor, The Push Button Engine, and many more. The full details are at the press release site.

8bit little killer
8bit little killer is a sweet little retro game that I reviewed back in December. It deserves a look for anyone who is interested in fin 8-bit shooters and well written retro music.

Something to keep an eye on is PlayerIO. It is a new multi-player service for Flash games that is in beta right now. It seems to have something to do with Nonoba, but I don’t have the details on the affiliation(if there is one).

The Jet Pack Retrofit Contest
Adam Pedersen has been making incredible Jet Pack games in Flash for a couple years now. You can check them all out (and other Jet Pack related zar jaz) at The Jetpack HQ. There are $200 in prizes for the RetroFit contest, so it might be worth of look is you have some spare time.

If you would like something included in the Mail Bag Mash-up, drop me a line info[at]8bitrocket[dot]com. I can guarantee that I will use everything (the bad and the CGA with Speaker Sound don’t get published much).

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