Flash Indie Game Interweb-Mash-Up: March 1, 2010

Flash Indie Game Interweb-Mash-Up: March 1, 2010

First off, Steve and I will be at the Flash Gaming Summit next Monday, so I hope to put a few faces to names, etc.

Ning Community
8bitrocket is now part of the Ning community social platform. We did this to help create a community to support the upcoming book release and also give us something else to keep us from interacting socially with our families..

Gaming Your Way’s iPhone/CS5 hints
Check out the incredible list of iPhone / CS5 hints that Squize has posted from his experience creating “Zap” for the platform using the beta tools. The cool thing (for me) is that our book covers much of this ground work even though it doesn’t have anything really to do with iPhone development. Its just the way I make my games anyway (for the most part).

By the way, if you have not tried the incredible, Ionic, please do yourself a favor. You are in for a treat.

Also, check out the enlightening interview with Barry White of GamesChart.

How to Save a Movie Clip as a PNG
Richard Davey has the goods.

I can’t wait for this classic Silmarils collection for the PC. I played me a mean game of Colorado back in the day.
Play Rich’s sweet new game, Droplet. It is a commercial advergame to support the Droplet toys.

Multiplayer Missile Command
Ace, our man on the street, has sent over a link to Multiplayer Missile Command game (I can’t get it to work from my current location). Try is out and let me know what you think.

Active Tuts +
Here is a site that I never knew existed, but Michael James Williams sent over a link the other day. It has an amazing collection of great tutorials for Flash, Flex and Actionscript.

Chris Benjaminsen (of PlayerIO) sent over a clarification of the relationship between Nonoba and Player.io

“Then let me see if I can straiten out the confusion about Nonoba and
Player.IO. Both services are owned, developed and run by our company
Odpy based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our stated goal is to make it
easier for developers to create great games. Player.IO is the newest
step towards this goal.

We started Player.IO as a direct response to the feedback we received
on the Nonoba API. During the year the old API was live the primary
feedback we got was that developers want more control over their
games. Specifically the Nonoba API did not feature control over the
Lobby, Chat and Branding. Likewise all users where tied directly into
our community user-base.

As a result of this feedback, the new API allow full control over all
aspects of the game. The only thing we provide is hosting and the raw
APIs, how developers choose to build their lobby, implement chat and
integrate your game into websites we leave up to them.

The new API can be reached at http://player.io/ and I put up a quick
getting started with flash here
Naturally we also started a forum for developers at http://playerio.com/forum/

Multiplayer is just the first of many services for developers on this
platform. Thus feature suggestions and feedback on the existing
solution is more than welcome.”

Thanks, Chris. It sounds like a pretty cool upgrade from the Nonoba model.

Story Telling In Flash Games
Freelance Flash Games has a quite nice little article on implementation and use of storytelling in Flash games.

Also check out his tips on selling more micro transactions, and the Vortix Games Bold Pixel game development framework.

Do you need an Isometric Engine for you game?
Emanuele is the run-down on 11 various engines.

Need an introduction to making games in Flash?
Michael James Williams has done a very nice job of organizing the home page of his site into a step by step introduction into creating games in Flash.
This is a very nice resource to send people to who are learning the ropes.

Also, make sure you read his very nice tutorial on caching Movieclips as BitmapData.

Iain Lobb’s free iPhone Game made with CS5
Iain Lobb has created a free game (Monster Ball) and has a nice post on the process on his blog.

Also check out the notes and slides from Iain’s talk on creating successful Flash games from the London Flash Developers and Designers Meet-up.

Some 8bitrocket stuff you might have missed
The Potential IP Theft Pod Cast (or Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn) episode #1 and episode #2.
– Tutorial: HTML 5 Canvas Tutorial #1 and what it means for Flash Developers.
– Tutorial: Embedding and using Fonts at compile-time
– Tutorial: Embedding and using MoveClips are compile-time.
– New Game: Tunnel Panic
– New Games: The Worst Jigsaw Puzzles Collection
– New Game: The Ultimate Unscramble: HTML Color Words

As I move back to doing this Mash-up weekly again, I ask that anyone who would like their blog or games included to please send me an email to info[at]8bitrocket[dot]com.

As always, check out FlashGameBlogs.com for your daily dose.

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