Flash Indie Game Interweb Mash-Up: March 22, 2010

Flash Indie Game Interweb Mash-Up: March 22, 2010

Fizzy.com and the Fizzy Game Developer Network
The Fizzy.com GDN has new eCPM per play rates that have doubled in the recent weeks. The rate per play on a normal Flash game that you upload (with Mochi ads if you want them too) is $.80 CPM per play. The rate for enhanced free to play Flash games is $2.00 CPM (no Mochi allowed). They also support play to play and downloadable games. An enhanced game must use their score system, but they also offer game save and other optional features. I don’t see any down side to using their system to monetize you games. In fact, I am about to put a couple into their system and see what happens. There is an API that you must integrate with (AS2 and AS3), but it doesn’t look too troubling. Note I had trouble getting the API to compile with the Flex SDK. I received an email back that said they are looking into the Flex SDK problems. I will provide and update when it is resolved.

IntelliJ IDE for AS3 Flex SDK Development?
I have heard of this IDE before, but my buddy, Scott Jeppesen (Creative Bottle) has encouraged me to take a look at it again. He says that it is the best AS3 IDE that he has used. Looking over their site I see both free and paid versions and MAC, Windows and Linux builds. I plan to give the MAC version a whirl this week and see that the deal is. Looking over the extensive plug-in list I see some very interesting stuff (Google App Engine, etc). I don’t see Actionscript or the Flex SDK listed though. If anyone else has used this for AS3 and wants to give it a good word, please let me know.

CyberAgent – Yet another Facebook Socialization Exploiter?
Cyberagent announced the launch of Ameba (sic) Pico last week. They claim that it is

“a new virtual community that combines gaming, social networking and virtual goods, tightly integrating it into the Facebook environment. Ameba Pico is the first English language offering from CyberAgent and is based on Ameba Pigg, one of the most popular and successful virtual worlds in Japan.”

So, I decided to test it out a little bit and see what the fuss is all about: First you create and avatar and you get a room. The process was a combination of the BarbieGirls system that I am all too familiar with and the Wii Mii creation system. I was awarded 5 tokens for completing the tutorial. After the tutorial, I played around a little bit. There were no games to play (that I could find). The system has some of the features you would expect from a virtual world such as micro transactions for items to decorate your room and your avatar. I was a little confused by the currency. I was given tokens for completing the tutorial, but “gummies” seem to be a significant currency also. There is a “travel” option that lets you go to sections for message boards. I clicked on the “game” one and was taken to an area where I could post messages about games. It was a little convoluted as it resembled ab actual community message board with scraps of paper plastered on a wall. It was kind of innovative, but a little difficult to read.

There is not a lot to do here yet. I don’t belong to many virtual worlds and I don’t see me coming back much. I am sure the developers will start to add in more fun content, but I will probably never see it.

HeyZap Ads Launch
I received an email from HeyZap stating that they have launched and they are seeing $3.00 CP rates. Very very interesting…

-Gamingyourway: nGfx has thought provoking entries on control schemes and tile systems, while Squize does a nice job explaining his blitter system.
– Photonstorm (not photostorm.com) : Rich makes a snake game with Fixel, glows over our book (thanks!), and tackles Flash V. HTML5
– Ickydime: Mark has a nice Smogout postmortem.
– Untold Entertainment: Ryan has the Best and Worst of the 2010 GDC and a review of the Google Nexus One phone.
– Porter’s World: The prince has a nice list of his favorite games from earlier this year.
– Lost In Actionscript: Shane a nice piece on an AES encryption library for PHP and Actionscript.

Games (stuff sent to me or things a randomly find).
KrissX – A very well done word game (By Chris Taylor) that is available as a Flash demo, on Facebook, and as a download purchase.
Aqualux – This is another great Flash game (By Alex Liebert) that is also available for download. It is a “pipe dream” style game on steroids.
First Person Tetris – (Thanks to Alan Donnelly for sending me the link to this one). A very interesting take on the original Tetris where you control the entire screen (NES and all). It is very well done, but I don’t know if it is legal or not.
ColorBallz – the latest sweet little time waster from Emanuale!
Stoner – A nice little Tetris meets match 3 game by panzerhund.
Unknown Sector: A Mochi Coins game by SamRaski. Equip your ship and blast through 95 sectors.
Open Doors 2 – A deceivingly simple (but it gets difficult) puzzler by soapaintnice.

Small Faces…
– Dice 2010 Video Presentation On “Outside the box design” concerning FaceBook games.
– Just check out the entire Lost Garden Blog…you won’t be disappointed.

8bitrocket stuff you might have missed
– Steve first three parts on Mochi Social Games (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
– A new game from the book was released: Blaster Mines
– An interview with Atari 2600 developer, Steve Wiota
Steve’s Haiku love story about Mochi and Shanda’s hook-up.

Seriously off topic
Fredrik Larsson’s brilliant “one-man-band” medley of TV show theme songs. Why is he not rich beyond belief?

As always, you can’t go wrong with www.flashgameblogs.com

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