Essential Guide To Flash Games Code Supplement #2: Chapter 10 Driving and Turning Supplement

Essential Guide To Flash Games Code Supplement #2: Chapter 10 Driving and Turning Supplement

In chapter 10 we build an engine to handle an unlimited sized scrolling world with 32x32 sized tiles. On top of this scrolling engine we build a driving game. I had never completed a 360 degree driving game before this but as I wanted to do something "new" for the book I took on the challenge. Given the short time frame needed to build the engine, the full game and then the 60+ page chapter on the subject (in two weeks) I had to leave a few things out of the finished product. I will be exploring adding them in this an future installments. Let's fix something first

Now, the point of the chapter was really to create the scrolling engine and provide tile-base collision detection routines in this type of fluid open environment. I didn't focus too much on the realism of the car movement as I am a B minus Physics student at best. But, I do want it to be at least moderately accurate, so there is at least one fix to the current version that I would like to present.

While creating this game I wanted to provide somewhat realistic driving controls to ensure that it at least simulated how a car might drive in the real world. One thing I did was I add in code that changed the amount of rotation of the car when turning based on the velocity of the car. In the book I make the car turn in a linear relationship with its speed in a positive proportional manner. In a less masturbatory wording, the car turns at a sharper angle the faster it is going. I finished up the game, wrote (and re-wrote) the chapter (3 times). It went to the publisher and was printed in the book. Two weeks ago I started a re-skin / updated version to support the book virally. I let Steve play this version and he said, "hmm, your car drives like a tank". At first I thought he was full of crap, but yes, he was right. Cars can turn at a sharper angle when moving slower than they can when moving faster. I had my turning speed code implemented backward!

So, to fix this, I have changed the code.

Here is the code as it currently exists in the com.efg.games.driveshesaid.DriveSheSaid.as file's update() function

<font color="blue" size="2"><br /><font size="3">if (player.velocity == 0) {<br />    player.turnSpeed = 0;<br />}else {<br />    player.turnSpeed = player.minTurnSpeed + (Math.abs(player.velocity/10));<br />    if (player.turnSpeed &gt; player.maxTurnSpeed) {<br />        player.turnSpeed = player.maxTurnSpeed;<br />    }<br />}</font><br /></font><br />

Here is the modified code that will make a more realistic driving and turning experience.

<font color="blue" size="2"><br /><font size="3">if (player.velocity == 0) {<br />    player.turnSpeed = 0;<br />}else {<br />    player.turnSpeed = player.maxTurnSpeed - (Math.abs(player.velocity/10));<br />    if (player.turnSpeed &gt; player.maxTurnSpeed) {<br />        player.turnSpeed = player.maxTurnSpeed;<br />    }else if (player.turnSpeed&lt; player.minTurnSpeed){<br />        player.turnSpeed = player.minTurnSpeed;<br />    }<br />}</font><br /></font><br />

That's it. Hopefully this will; make the car drive and turn in a more realistic manner.

If you prefer a more realistic Driving and Cryin' experience, I suggest Scarred By Smarter.

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