8bitrocket Aprils Fools Interweb Mashup: April 1, 2010

8bitrocket Aprils Fools Interweb Mashup: April 1, 2010

Slashdot adds chat roulette features to it’s discussions!

Where does Topeka end and Google begin?

Giant sea creatures invade Yahoo news

– The absolute best use for an iPad – as the screen in an arcade cabinet

An Ill-conceived, mean attack on Civilization 4 (which I find boring too, but not his boring).

– The Sarlacc pit is for the ultimate “camping” bitch-ass player

– Casual Gaming will never be the same after Celebrity Bejeweled

– The PS3 to remove Linux and replace it with Netscape

– Try out the new Battle.net Matchmaking service so you can find a mate that considers Twinkies, Funyons, Mountain Dew, combining runes into make powers, slaying beasts, and sexting in “authentic” clothing as the ultimate dating experience.

– This Diablo III Snuggie looks like it is targeted at the right audience.

– God help us if GangstaPets is NOT an Aprils fools joke.

The Twapler would actually be pretty useful around here.

Shanda and Mochi now have some non-virtual gold to use

– Microsoft want you to know that the iPad wont work with SilverLight either.

– On the Mochi Forums: Mochi is giving away money do this developer can make the best spot the difference games ever!

– Wow! Upload and store ANYTHING in Google Docs. What a great place to our book – not the PDF, the actual book. I also have some Starwars “bendiums” that I could store there.

– Some “nice, old” features added back into Google Voice in case you miss them.

Justin Bieber has taken over Funny or Die. It had to happen sooner or later. Damn Canadians!


I’m sure there are more, but the Bieber one has made me lose my taste for this…

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