Nolan Bushnell once again is part of Atari!

Nolan Bushnell once again is part of Atari!

It seems that Atari co-founder and all-round 70’s icon of arcade amusement and fun (think Pong, Atari 2600, Asteroids AND Chuck E. Cheese) has been re-added to the present day Atari’s board of directors.

Gamesutra has a nice article about this interesting turn of events. These is also a very lively discussion on the Atari Age message boards.

The consensus here at 8bitrocket towers is that this is a very special move by the current owners of the Atari name. We would hope that it would help spur along the release of some modern-day hardware brandishing the Atari Logo (the original logo).  At the very least we would like to see a Flash Back 3 (Atari 5200/8-bit computer stand alone), Flashback 4 (Atari ST stand alone with Phantasie 1, Dungeon Master, Kick off Player Manager and a save game feature), Flash Back 5 (A real 7800 stand alone), Flash Back 6 (A Lynx portable containing all of the games), and a Flash Back 7 (Jaguar stand alone).  We know these are only a pipe-dream, but Legacy Engineering can do anything, so they could be a reality with the right cash flowing to the appropriate places.

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