8-bit YouTube Retro Video Interweb-Mashup

8-bit YouTube Retro Video Interweb-Mashup

A few people have sent over video links in the past couple weeks. I decided to take a look through YouTube for other various 8-bit, game/pop-culture and other 8bitrocket style videos for today’s mash-up.

First up is a Lego / 8-bit mashup (sent  by Alan Donnelly, Superstar).

Rymdreglage – 8-bit trip

Pato Pooh ft. Adam Tensta -Follow Me (Official Video)

Sent in by VengantMjolnir, this is a hip/hip styled song with a great “dude living inside a video game” theme.

Minter Madness
Jeff Minter created some very interesting beastie and possibly (probably) drug influenced software and music. Here are  videos of the Jaguar’s Virtual Light Machine.

Thriller (Saitone 8bit tribute)

MJ’s Thriller done as an 8-bit tune and music video (pretty much Southpark style). This one isn’t very long, but what’s there is cool.

8-bit Re-enactment of Dungeons and Dragons.
Not a music, but this one is a classic, but well worth your time to see it again, or for the first time.


The 8bit Theater dude are brilliant.

More 8-bit song remixes:

Metallica One

Master of Puppets

Nirvana’ Smell’s Like Teen Spirit – which if you were not aware at the time was the name of a female roll-on deodorant – which gives the song oh so many more meanings…

…And Guns and Roses’s Sweet Child O’Mine. If this one doesn’t have your 8-bit fist pumped in the air and your virtual iPhone lighter swinging back and forth over your head then nothing will.

Ke$ha videos.
I had heard Tik-Toc a few months ago and was amazed by how retro-house / dance / alternative her sound is. The lyrics are terrible, but you know, drunken-whore sells iTunes downloads. In any case, I assume after watching the videos that she is in on the ironic joke of it all. In any case, the first video is her performance from Saturday Night Live for an album track that sounds a lot like it could have been part of an Amiga game. Plus, she looks like she belongs in Tron.

Your Love Is My Drug:

The official Tik Toc video. There is a cool retro style on display here both sonically and stylistically. I fully expected to see captain Louis Albano break down the door and drag her off to rehab or an intervention

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