Random Thoughts: Should Google Buy Adobe?

Here is a random thought I had this weekend:  Should Google buy Adobe?  Will they buy Adobe?

Here is why I ask.  I appears to me that Google is the odd man out when it comes to development for its’ own mobile platform.    Microsoft is going proprietary with their Windows Mobile Phone, using Silverlight as the development platform.   We all know what Apple is doing with the iPhone.  However, Google still does not have a straight-forward development path for Android.  

This is not to say that you can’t develop for the android using Java, but imagine the benefit to Google is they made Flash the development platform of choice for Android.  All of a sudden, they would have access to millions of Flash developers, and the potential for many times more applications than either the iPhone or Windows Mobile. 

At the same time, Adobe is stuck with a revenue model that is from the last century.  They make most of their money selling packaged apps to one developer at a time.  They have been trying to get into the “service” industry in the past year (i.e. buying Omniture), but Google are the masters at making service-based Applications.  Imagine if Google supplied a “Flash IDE Light” as part of Google Docs  that would allow developers to create apps online, store them online, debug them online, and publish them online (maybe even into into App engine based sites, game portals, catalog, etc)?   At the same time, Google Chrome OS could be optimized for both online and offline Flash development, or simple optimized for online, service based versions of Adobe’s tools.

Both Apple and Microsoft appear to be shoring up their own fortresses for Web 3.0.  I know this is just a random thought, but it appears to me that Google and Adobe would be a good match.  What do you think?

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