Apple in Anti-Trust Violation?

I read a small blurb in the local newspaper today (The Daily Breeze – yes, that’s the actual name of the paper) that states Apple might be in anti-trust violation over the rule that only Apple tools can be used to create iPod, iPad applications. This is a facet of the story that we didn’t think of here at 8bitrocket. I think it sucks that they tell us what we can use to make apps, but is it anti-competitive and or anti-trust? Is it price fixing and collusion? These are very very important distinctions.  (come to think of it, it might be all of these).

Here is a link to the TechWorld story on the subject.  We are not anti-trust lawyers here in the towers. My personal legal training consists of two business school classes on torts and contracts. Both of which resulted in Steve and I submitting term papers on fictional punk rock bands trying to get record deals (Steve, on contracts) and the history of computer crime (me in torts).  I don’t remember doing too much research on anti-trust violations.  I know that Teddy Roosevelt was the “trust buster”. That’s about all my B minus memory remembers on the subject.

Personally I don’t think that this is going to fly, but if it results in me being able to target more devices with the same code-base, I’m all for it.

Note: Yes, I still get a newspaper.

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